Taylor Swift - The Eras Tour


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Yeah this is fan service at the absolute highest level. I'm genuinely in awe, I mean three hours is basically unheard of for a pop concert right? And what's crazier is, as mentioned previously, she didn't have to do all of this because she got everyone's coins regardless. I have so much respect for her, truly.

Now for the setlist... there are a few chops, but I also get why they're there (namely her Lover choices). But surely no one would miss 22? Red's title track was maybe not as big a hit but could've been in 22's spot to represent the album better (but that's something she didn't seem to understand even in 2012). Either that, State of Grace, or Message In a Bottle would've been my picks.

Including Vigilante Shit in a show meant to highlight the very best of her 15-year-spanning catalogue is so unserious nn she just can't help herself. One of the 3 AM tracks could've taken its spot.

I would've included Mr. Perfectly Fine to give Fearless TV representation (and in turn, taken out one of the Folklore songs), and obviously Sparks Fly and Back to December should've been there. But either way, the fact that I'm editing a setlist that currently has 44 songs is legitimately insane and the stuff of stan dreams.
The way she gave Vigilante Shit a highlight performance with that chairography thought. Hate her. Also seeing the pre-show music and realizing she's not doing False God (but playing it before show like ddd?) and Maroon got me feeling a little "whew" but... it is 3 hours long. No way to complain about songs not making the cut.
I didn't watch the full Livestream today, but from what I saw, Taylor was way more relaxed and talkative, she seemed to be having so much fun, she sounded better, everything seemed to flow better. And the audience seemed more alive than yesterday's. Even the end felt less rushed than last night.
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She's so ruthless, I'm surprised she hasn't released an "album" of the setlist with Taylor's Versions of all the songs that haven't been released yet.
Such a weird choice to cut the debut. How is this a journey through all the eras? Hm?

But I fully expect her to throw out an album for this at some point. It's a great tour to push a Best of / Greatest Hits.

Get more coin queen.


Dare I jinx it, but I don’t think this tour will get cut down when it comes here summer next year. I know the UK has bizarre laws around curfews, but artists circumvent that by starting way earlier. I’ve seen countless rock bands start their sets at 6:30 PM to play more than three hour long sets.