Taylor Swift - The Eras Tour

How big is Taylor Swift?


As for the comparisons of Taylor's career to other artists, (Madonna, Beyonce, Britney) I think the article does a good job of taking into account the differences between now and earlier times, such as the fact that songs had to be released as physical singles to get on the Hot 100 chart until relatively recently. Regardless of whether Taylor is as big as the Beatles or Madonna or anyone else, she's clearly the biggest thing in popular music right now, and has been for at least a decade. Time will tell how long she can keep this going...

Beatlemania was much broader than Swift mania because culture was much more monolithic back then. In 1964 almost everyone was watching the Ed Sullivan show and in turn the Beatles. By 1972 you could not find anyone who did not know several beatles songs. In the 80's almost everyone with cable was watching MTV and in turn Madonna and MJ. Today, if you are not part of Swift's target demographic, you might not recognise a single of her songs (I personally would not) within her target audience she is probably bigger than the Beatles.
What a duo ugh they won. Say Don't Go and Welcome to New York is an odd mashup pairing though

I was thinking the same until I realized that if you want to look deep into it, these songs are like the thesis statement of 1989. They basically do tell the entire story the whole album presents (say don't go.... but you won't, so I'll go to NY... I think I'm finally clean).
I don't think that musically the mash-up worked as good as others she did before though (yesterday's I Think He Knows x Gorgeous was perfect),
The first surprise song(s) of the night is what she called a "Max Martin Medley", in honor of Max who is present at the show tonight.

She sang Message in a Bottle x How You Get The Girl x New Romantics

How Did It End was the second surprise song. Did any other country win bigger than Sweden with the surprise songs?