Taylor Swift - The Eras Tour

Nah Shake it Off grew on me immensely through the years. I rarely put it on but when it comes on shuffle or to a party I always dance my life away to it.
THE WAY I LOVE YOU?!? The way I've been riding for that song since 2008 and I'll never hear it live. Unless I manage to snag tickets again for when she comes back to the US for the final stretch and she decides I deserve it and she plays it again.
I'd cry if I heard it.

Amazing, is she interlocking some songs on purpose I wonder, gives some new meaning to Now That We Don't Talk, in context

I think she is doing what she's been doing with the surprise songs for a long time now, and that is telling little stories with two or more songs that not necessarily were written about the same person, but actually work well together thematically and melodically. This particular pair feels very "songs about pretentious, self-important men", and seems very pointed about a specific one she doesn't speak to anymore nn.
Ok fuck this mashup

The "so take the moment and taste it, you've got no reason to be afraid, you're on your own kid, you can face this, screaming long live" moment was absolutely beautiful. I would've loved to be there for it.
In my head she'll also announce Debut (TV) on the last night of the tour and surprise release it... we aren't getting both between koe and Decemeber surely... surely?

Debut (TV) being announced on the last night of the tour & being released the week later on December 13th makes perfect sense for her. Only question is if she wants to release it with only a week of pre-orders nn.