Taylor Swift - The Eras Tour


Hope everyone has a great time. Friends who I guess know I used to be pretty into her are somewhat gagged I don't care at all about missing this show, even though she's here in Edinburgh, but I am not into the furore around her/the tour and am so at peace with that. The prices contribute to that of course nn

As a teacher, it's been great fun to hear the excitement from my pupils in these last few weeks. Lots of bracelets, t-shirts, Taylor's music playing during class etc... nice to see young people coming together around a shared interest and all that. They're gooped when I tell them I was at the RED and 1989 tours too.
I’m on the last train out of Haymarket. My feet are throbbing.

BUT what a night! She was absolutely incredible.

And the surprise songs! Got so lucky!!

It was a great crowd but I was slightly gutted we never got any of the usual Scottish chants in.

A strange highlight for me was seeing the cleaning cart arriving to the stage. It weirdly felt like a moment!
It was a great show and all, but the merch lady gave me a 2XL long sleeved top rather than a Large and it is massive on me so if anyone wants to buy it, please let me know…
Good to know she’s quite prompt with the timings. I’m hoping to rush out at the end to jump on a tram, I might even leave during Karma to try beat a lot of the crowds.