Taylor Swift - The Eras Tour


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Re: the debut, I understand excluding it for Europe, but to ignore it in the US from a show like this one feels a little weird to me. She's shafted it for more than a decade at this point and now would've been the right time to have it represented again. Especially so considering this tour is meant to celebrate her entire career, and Teardrops On My Guitar & Our Song were her first crossover successes before Love Story & You Belong With Me blew up.

I'm not saying they need full production and ample room on the setlist, but surely it wouldn't be that hard to whip up a quick acoustic medley of Tim McGraw/Teardrops/Our Song and be done with it.
It's hard to argue with any of the songs that didn't make it since she is doing such a long show. But at the same time I would take Should've Said No, Our Song and Teardrops over Bad Blood, Vigilante Shit and All Too Well (10 Minute Version) - a song I love, but I would rather have the original version than the extended one any day.
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I don’t use much from the first album (outside of the occasional listen to the singles) but for an artist so obsessed with mythologising her own artistry, I think the debut has more than an earned couple of spots in the setlist - 'Teardrops on My Guitar' or even ‘Our Song’ could have easily taken the place of one of the Lover or folklore lesser cuts.