Taylor Swift - The Eras Tour


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Imagine going to tonight's show and getting cursed with Question and Invisible when yesterday's crowd were blessed with Better Man and Should've Said No.

Question is in my bottom 5 of Midnights but I really enjoyed the acoustic version of it. It actually made me go and listen to the song a leash 4 or 5 times today which normally doesn't happen
I want to take MDMA and go to a Taylor Rain Show

(To be fair if she does an outdoor show in Manchester next year, they'll be a 92% chance of it being one)
I am in awe at this tour.

I read somewhere at some dates she's had up to 20,000 fans outside the stadiums (which I will definately do if I don't get a ticket for a UK date).
I honestly feel on the last shows of this leg she'll connect up to whatever stadium she's in outside screens so they can see.

Also, I've tried to resist watching full videos of performances, but My Tears Ricochet looks like it gets the dramatic moment it deserves.
The August 25/26th dates for Mexico City seem to be all but confirmed. They being so close to the US dates make me wonder if they’re more of an extension of the North American leg. Anyway the announcement should be coming soon, hopefully next week.