Taylor Swift - The Eras Tour

I don't think European dates are being announced soon. I think this week will be only Latam, at the most Australia/NZ. If the European leg won't happen until next summer, it doesn't make sense to make the announcement now
Yeah, I’d be surprised if European dates were announced now.

There’s no way she’s touring Europe until summer ‘24. Stadiums are a no go in the later months here.
Considering the insane demand, she's actually gonna be in text book for price in elasticity I think, it's not too far fetches that European stadium dates for summer ' 24 could also be ready soon?
Yeah I don’t think announcing UK dates just under 12 months in advance would be that weird… 15 months seems less likely though so depends when she’s planning on being here.
I would love her to announce EU dates already because I'm so curious where she will play, but at the same time I'm kinda broke at the moment.
Surely they'll go on sale Q4 for summer next year - not that she needs Christmas purchases to sell the tickets.
This is most likely, though her power knows no bounds going to be the tour of her career, so I’m sure she’s taking it everywhere. Asia, Australia, Europe…I’d bet she’ll even do a few dates in Africa. Finish it off with select additional US and Canada dates.