Taylor Swift - The Eras Tour

Awful quality of the photo, but the stage looks huge

Taylor backstage downloading the EXIF data, metadata, and geolocation of this image while triangulating which nearby phone towers it pinged from and accessing the venue's CCTV to find out which specific venue employee leaked it

What time does the concert start?

She never really got her setlists right, imo. I can't imagine what she'll do having to cover 10 albums.
Really? I think they’ve all been great mainly focusing on the parent album of the tour. I mean she sang all but one song from the 1989 and Reputation Tour you can’t ask for more, Speak Now was also perfect.
I know she’s a pop star so it’ll be 2 hours exactly but anyone else holding out hope it’s a 30-40 song 3 hour set? She’s hit her legend status like Elton or Bruce who play for 4 hours. You have 10 albums, 4 of which came out since your last tour plus the vault songs on 2 re-records.

Stack it up!
I’ve entered a state of what might be complete delusion and I’m just carrying on as if I’ll be able to get tickets for Santa Clara. I’m just counting on some popping up closer to the show and talking about it like I already have them secured so hopefully my delusions won’t lead me astray. I’m so anxious to see the first videos and pictures pop up tonight!