Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets Department

Complaining about being silenced... despite not sharing your opinion on the album and then making a dramatic exit is so weak, I'm sorry KXKXKSKS

Most of the people here haven't even heard the album, you could claim that Taylor has a song about supporting capital punishment on this album and some of the more gullible posters would believe you, so post away! How the hell did you guys survive 2013 when gays were actually vicious?
She says so many words on this album that I was looking back through the lyrics on the Spotify Library Pop Up pages from the past few days and I couldn’t tell you which songs any of them are from after my couple listens.
Okay, apparently it’s not just me. ATRL is saying one of them are on the songs we have (aka the standard and The Black Dog).
Taylor has a song about supporting capital punishment on this album

The eco-terrorism wasn’t working quickly enough so she decided murder was the next step.

This project kind of shows she's a strong lyricist but that doesn't fully encompass the entire depth of what a songwriter can or should be doing. There's a crafting on the musical level that's just not happening anymore and her producers are far too much within her inner circle to meaningfully challenge her or bring new sonic ideas about melody to the table.

I joked before but she should be pushed to start on the melody level. Do some melody passes to existing production ideas. Right now it feels like poems and journal entries are getting retrofitted to a few guitar chords and then sprinkled with the same glittery synths loops, and she's not even trying to sing anymore despite her skill level improving over the years.
100%. I think she’s gotten used to having songs crafted around what she’s already written and as we know with folklore at least, she wrote a few of the songs to instrumentals Aaron already had and it brought out something fresh in her. I don’t feel like she’s being challenged.

Also yes to wanting her to sing. Her voice has gotten so much stronger as evidenced by the tour but on record she’s just kind of coasting through. She can really gut punch with her voice when she wants to, see: ‘living for the thrill of hitting you where it hurts, give me back my girlhood it was mine first’. It’s such a visceral and powerful moment and she has far too few of those for what she’s capable of. I get that being a vocalist is not her priority nor her bag, but it would really drive home a lot of what she’s actually saying because she’s just…saying it. It’s hard to connect sometimes if it doesn’t feel like the person singing it feels it.