Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets Department

It's not so much taking a break, it's just that I wish she would stop coasting. Some of my favorite stuff she's done in the past few years has been experimenting with form. On Folklore and Evermore when she played with time signatures like The National does. I adored Closure, and Glitch off Midnights 3AM. Even Would've Could've Should've was her stretching herself while rehashing similar themes she's hit before.
Really? The melodies on Midnights (and Lover for that matter) are so much sharper. This album sounds like a formless blur in comparison.
I Disagree, I think the melodies are great here. To be fair, I've listened to it 5 or 6 times now, so I'm more familiar with it than others here but even on my first listen, nothing on Lover or Midnights (standard) really took my breath away the way quite a few moments and songs on this did.
There’s…eleven more songs.
Trance album confirmed! brat, whomst?

Maybe she was being thoughtful releasing this to make way for Beyoncé (or Dua) winning album of the year?

Also legitimately screaming that most of this is about Matt Healy… weren’t they only dating for a month?!