Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets Department

I’m 4 tracks in and thought “this isn’t as bad as people were making out just slightly long and retreading old ground” then saw… the announcement on X and felt genuine fear.

31 tracks, 2 hours that’s legitimately insane. She’s an absolute monster and I LOVE IT but I’m scared she’s going to personally deliver it to my house and force me to listen at this point.
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I learned from my experience with Midnights to take my time before assimilating my thoughts on her releases - after I largely wrote that album off initially and ended up being able to craft a fairly strong 8/9 track affair out of it - but yeah, the first listen through this at 5AM felt genuinely exhausting (saying that, I’m away all weekend so having to listen through for the first time at the gym did it absolutely no favours ddd).

It’s compounded by feelings of just wanting a bit of break from her at the minute anyway for sure but the album leaning so heavily into the same sonic palette and writing style that’s largely driving my fatigue is making the idea of diving back in - to two fucking albums now, no less - feel equally exhausting.

Not really sure what I’m trying to say here but yeah, I’m probably going to take the weekend away from it and see where I’m at after that. It just feels odd to be on release day and existing in a place of… complete ambivalence that’s equally born out of the material itself and the sheer volume and frequency at which it’s coming.


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Just going in, but thusfar I'm pretty fine with this sounding quite Midnights/1989 bonustracks because that sound kinda hits a sweet spot for me and there's something quite comforting to it, maybe because it already feels so familiar?
Every song is hitting. Am I right in assuming this is basically an Aaron album?

But my god, So High School. Why don’t we have a full album with that soundscape? And the lyrics feel so breezy and wistful while avoiding the heavy-handedness that plagues the first album. I’ve been saying for so long that leaning into that mid 90s alt pop rock sound should have always been the path she should explore fully and I feel so vindicated.