Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets Department

I love every track on both albums... I can't stop winning.

I'm very overwhelmed once again but my God I love her, I love being a fan of hers and I'm so ready to digest this DOUBLE ALBUM (the way I was convincing myself it wasn't real ddddd) for the rest of the month.
As much as I enjoyed the first half, she really has to move on from Jack. The second half is just so much stronger that makes the first half seem even weaker.
It's funny that there are only like. 3 total bops out of 31 tracks (I Can Do It With a Broken Heart, So High School (?), Down Bad (?)). Some of the second half tracks are more immediate than any of the first half, which I thought was interesting.

I don't know what was keeping Taylor and Aaron from exploring more of that Hits Different/So High School sound, but I'm glad we had a taste of it. My favorite song on the entire album might be from the second half, and I think it might be The Prophecy.
...and we still have a video to dissect later today.

I cannot wait, make it a short film.
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Sadly I can’t see myself coming back to this album much. It’s just so damn boring…
Gonna keep it on rotation for another week in hopes that it grows.
There isn’t anything particularly bad per se, it’s just a slog to get through. Kinda feels like she tried to fit every word in the dictionary in here.