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The cynical part of me wonders if, in surprise releasing a 31-track double album, she's courting overexposure / backlash to set up the release of Reputation (Taylor's Version) next. Like, obviously it's how I feel after listening to all 31 songs once and then cherry picking a maximum of 5 to listen to again, but the album as a whole doesn't feel that interesting in any aspects (production, melodically or even lyrically) and I actually have no excitement about listening to most of the songs again, especially due to the length.

I feel like receiving 31 songs from one of my favourite artists should be a dream come true, but this actually feels overwhelming (not in a good way) and dare I say disappointing as a whole body of work. I don't even know how I'm going to cherry pick songs from it as that will mean listening to it all again, which I don't have the desire to do right now.
Yeah, this album would have been far more digestible if it was 12 of the best songs. I just can’t get over thinking it’s just a ploy to dominate the charts and break more records, which just undervalues the music for me.
I'll need repeated listens but the initial reaction would have probably been better had they gotten rid of those twinkly Midnights rejects that the first, like, quarter of the album is comprised of, and the whimsical piano songs in the latter half would probably benifit from just being one piece, they kind of... bleed together for me. There are still major lyrical clunkers (I can't stand Hate It Here and that racists lyric, even though the subject matter is fine, relatable queen etc) but the production at least has enough variety and it's like someone flipped a switch on her cause she's emoting on some of the songs instead of just sounding like she's on a work shift. Yes, sound like you're about to burst from feeling like you're a teen in love and turn what are fairly standard lyrical cliches into epiphanies, queen! That and I Can Fix Him need to be the vocal blueprints she has to study for her next album.

She desperately needs someone who will edit these albums down because you can't tell me that a song like I Look in People's Windows is essential to this album, though. She has enough streams to not just dump about everything she records. Now, I'm a fag so I might switch and say that that song is actually her best an hour later so!
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I hate when people say 'this all sounds the same' about new albums as I love cohesive LPs and also no you need more listens Samantha but yeah I got to song 12 or so and this all sounds the same.
It’s not even the production or the vibe, it’s the actual song structures etc that makes this all such a tedious slog to get through. It all sounds the same literally and in every way.
Just finished listening

I need to go at it again with the lyrics in front of me (and more coffee in my system), but my initial reaction is that she needs different producers ASAP. How many of these songs start and/or are carried by a piano/guitar? After So High School it all becomes a bit samey sound-wise to the point where I don't know if she's attempting to do spoken word or what.

This is the same woman who gave us 1989 and now she's allergic to bops? Have a bump, Tay!
Fuck not another 12 songs to review... Why did I sign up for this.
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I hate when people say 'this all sounds the same' about new albums as I love cohesive LPs and also no you need more listens Samantha but yeah I got to song 12 or so and this all sounds the same.

I think there is a fine line between cohesive and homogeneous. Especially after all the valid criticism she got and her recent work, I think it is a bit goofy that she just went and used Jack Antonoff throughout another record dd.

One can argue that Aaron is becoming another staple but he is innately more interesting producer than Jack when it comes to Taylor. Like please give us something else besides spoken word art performance with the same identikit synths… I would even prefer 10xPaper Rings, at least that was funny.