Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets Department

I’m hearing Fortnight on Apple Music Radio 1 right now and it sounds good. Definitely the right single choice.

Especially since nothing else is good here.
Or… we just don’t care for the music this time around.*
I said some people. Which is something I think happens in every, at least major artist, thread on here. I understand that not everyone is gonna like everything or have the same opinion but people have literally said that they don't like her or haven't been a fan in a while or some variation of statement like that, and then proceed to be like "and this album is continued proof why" which seems like a bad faith approach to the music to me. But again, it's not just Taylor this happens to.
We‘re playing the entire album in one go today at the radio station I work for. During my show, no less.
We‘ll start shortly, after 3pm german time. You can listen via dasding.de and the catch is that listeners get to vote after every song whether we should continue or not.
Yeah, we played all 31 songs. It is a quiet one, eh?
It's funny that this album makes Midnights (3am Edition), as directionless as it is, seem like a concise affair. I am enjoying Tortured Poets more because of its wandering, despite confronting a whole new set of tracks triggering my fight-or-flight response. For all the talks of this set being boring, which it certainly can be, it's hard to argue that it isn't more interesting than Midnights. When it falters, it's, like, peculiarly not good... but I wouldn't call the entire album toothless.

There's meat on the bones of a lot of songs here – let's be clear, barely scraping a conventional standard album's worth, but we control the playlist era. Others feel like picking at a carcass (anything with the John Hughes synth pad) and the rest scraps with little sustenance. The songs shine when they're guitar-driven, toying with tempo changes, putting languid or threatening spins on her typical melodies and clichés. The ballads on the second half range from stronger than the first to plain and forgettable but adept.

All that to say, Taylor's still a more than capable songwriter, but the flashes of brilliance are scattered across such a sprawling set, which is frustrating as a listener. I'm thankful to have a decent handful of strong alt-leaning, mid-to-uptempo songs, which is all I'd really hoped for from the post-folkmore albums.
I think the backlash we've seen on the Internet lately is absurdly and nastily over-the-top, but there's no denying that she's been and felt basically omnipresent for the past year and a half, if not longer. I'm happy for the Swifties, but musically I'm not sure it's been consistently good or compelling enough for me to ignore that (note: I have not listened to this album yet). In more ways than one, a break would be good for her.


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I can't imagine feeling fatigued/upset that my favorite artist is....releasing more music and enjoying their job
Because she’s their favorite artist to dunk on, not to listen to. That one user here who said So High School sounded like everything else, just say you didn’t want to spend two hours listening to this like a normal person! Hating is worse when you have to lie to do it!
I definitely prefer the second half of the album. Robin (made me cry), The Prophecy, So High School, How Did It End?, The Manuscript… I mean, the material. Probably won’t be taking half of the tracks from the first half though but Guilty as Sin? and loml are the ones for me.
There keeps on being so many comments made about people dunking on her etc - who are the people just here to dunk? Who is actually doing that? Because all I'm reading is constructive criticism or fans just saying they don't like something. Am I going mad or something?

You’re not - these people just lack fully formed frontal lobes!

I stan, I like the album well enough and yet I’m also okay with the amount of criticism coming her way. The most exhausting part of the whole thing is stans just blindly defending her rather than engaging with any of the fair and often thoughtful critiques people are posting in here regardless if they’re fans because that really doesn’t matter.
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There keeps on being so many comments made about people dunking on her etc - who are the people just here to dunk? Who is actually doing that? Because all I'm reading is constructive criticism or fans just saying they don't like something. Am I going mad or something?
I mean I literally used an example in the post that must’ve prompted you to ask this so maybe. The posts in the last, like, 10 hours since Part 2 dropped have been fairer probably since it’s been a couple of days since the standard was available now but you only need to go back to the leak night to see people calling it the worst thing she’s ever done within the same hour it dropped.
It's going to take some time to digest all of this. I only listened to half of the "regular" album late last night before drifting off to sleep, only to find another album's worth of material this morning. Wow - her work ethic and proflic output is always impressive.

A few early thoughts, 8 tracks or so in:

1) I went in fully expecting to be somewhat dismissive of "Fortnight" due to the presence of Post Malone..but it's a stunner.

2) Sonically, it's gorgeous, and there haven't really been any duds yet...although there are a lot of déjà vu moments so far. I'm hoping for more variety in tempo and texture for the rest of the album.

3) Since the floodgates opened for Taylor cursing on record, is anyone else a little sick of it? It's beginning to feel a little lazy rather than well placed.

I'm looking forward to diving into the rest of it. Even though it's all fantasy land, I built this scenario in my mind where she releases a surprise physical edition of The Anthology for Record Store Day tomorrow. Imagine the riots that would ensue.