Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets Department

I’ll settle this! They’re all overly defensive!
some people here are never satisfied enough. They be criticizing Beyonce, Dua, Taylor and all of the girls who have been killing it. It's funny, though
(The narrative that Taylor’s stans on the forum are overly defensive is so tired especially compared to what happens if you go in like…the Dua or Charli thread with a dissenting opinion but I digress).
True. It’s not just the Taylor fans. Have you tried posting the tiniest bit of criticism in the Beyoncé thread?

People seem more difensive here because the negativity and trolling is CONSTANT.
The three songs I playlisted on first listen:

Guilty as Sin?
So High School
The Bolter

The Smallest Man... and Robin also stood out. Fortnight and Down Bad are both enjoyable and slightly boring. Which neatly summarises a lot of disc one dd.

Disc two is pretty good though! I need more time with it but it feels like the woodvale moment everybody wanted two years ago. Aaron Dessner is a vastly superior producer to Jack Antonoff these days. However it's crystal clear she needs brand new collaborators, and also a long break.
I don't know what the general consensus is, but this sounds exactly like I expected it to: Midnights 2.0. mixed with 1989 on its moodiest (Clean) and some indie electronic pop and melancholy.

I'm two tracks in.
So much of this is the bitter work email or vulnerable text you write in a frenzy that would really benefit from sitting in your drafts for 24 hours – but she hit send.
Omg this is it.

It’s getting first pass / badly scanning poetry but then added with uninspiring first pass production too.

Having said that I love it and it’s grown already. But I can’t see this ever being anyone’s favourite?
I hate it here is superb.

Then thank you Aimee is also beautiful but it’s so ruined by the Kim being capitalised, and then the lyric about no clues… what? Stop Taylor.
The comment I edited literally said people are just being mean, I never said anything about anyone so yeah screw that narrative, I don’t get why people have to actually try and twist something into something it wasn’t for the sake of a few likes?
The Ignore function exists for a reason you know. It's not as if the criticisms here are that bad? And they don't affect your enjoyment either. A major release like this is always going to get this kind of traction on this place.
Some of these Swifties are so defensive they PM me and then close the messages because they don’t want a response. I see you, girlies.
Why do I feel like I know exactly which people you are taking to based on this thread today?
Ok but not to derail the current defensiveness discourse, but I just finished my second playthrough of the Anthology tracks and...whew. I feel like I'm going to have to end up treating the two sides of this as two separate albums because even as much as I love her I simply do not have the time to consistently listen to a 2 hour long album front to back (I have to WORK to be able to afford your albums and tour tickets, Tay) and even though I do like the first set of songs quite a lot (particularly tracks 6-16 as I've mentioned 100 times by now - "But Daddy I Love Him" in particular in an immediate career highlight for me) but I fucking LOVE the second set of songs. They truly feel like the long lost third sister to folklore/evermore that everyone has been clamoring for. I'm going to need several more listens to them to fully digest everything that is going on but the songwriting on "The Black Dog", "How Did It End?", "The Prophecy", "Peter" and "The Manuscript" in particular is some of her best and most devastating. I understand why other people might feel like they need a break from her continuous output but I'm absolutely thrilled with this release - it's still too soon to have a definitive ranking but I would place the first album somewhere in the middle of her discography but the second album is immediately in the upper echelon for me. All of this and we still have a music video coming later tonight...genuinely I don't know where she finds the time but I'm thankful she does.