Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets Department

OK the video does a perfect job at elevating the song and I’m humming. And her acting is actually good? Suddenly the Swiftie is ME!

Her career's trajectory genuinely needs to be studied. I'm neither a stan, nor a full-time hater, but the way she managed to course correct her career post-Lover fatigue and not just for one successful album but several is impressive. Where do I sing up for Taylor's business and management course?
I think the way she Beyonce’d Folk/More on us was the turning point? Plus the TV taking us on a nostalgia trip during a time where things were just fucked up worldwide (not that they’ve changed much). The Eras Tour just cemented her behemoth status.
I know it's meant to be The Bop™ but the chorus of I Can Do It With a Broken Heart is giving the most irritating aspects of Lover ddd. Especially the lines that randomly don't rhyme. So quirky! I do love the unhinged "I'm miserable! And no one even knows!!!".
Oh I agree, I like the whole thing and I find that they’re actually pretty connected/cohesive and I think as I get more familiar with it the idea of a Part 1 and 2 will fade away.

Yeah I like how she starts the album smouldering, lots of self-destructive melodrama, and by The Black Dog she’s cooled off and turns to contemplating about what happened and what’s left behind.