Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets Department


I was watching some Celine Dion videos and seeing Taylor sing along to The Power of Love was kinda cute. I can almost forgive her for ignoring Mother on stager.
The significant dip in streams for this song low-key confirming that people are skipping it after But Daddy I Love Him... jail slammer
The low number of streams for “Fresh Out The Smasher” relative to the tracks around it is honestly depressing. People say they want Taylor to do something different but when she actually does deviate from her standard formula (that tempo switch at the end gagged me on first listen) they don’t stream it…ok.
I usually skip Fresh Out the Slammer and I Can Fix Him. I don't actively dislike them, but I have no real desire to listen to them either. And I don't think the former is really anything new for her.
There is a more interesting, more understated “Mer Girl” type of song buried under Fresh Out The Slammer, but Jack/Taylor can’t help themselves and cheesing it up.
So apparently even if Taylor had not released the digital copies of her shenanigans she still would’ve been number 1!

TTPD — 35.9k

BRAT — 27.2k


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Didn't she do that then week before aswell though?
Yes, she’s been dropping signed albums in the UK midweek (Wednesdays/Thursdays) consistently for the last few weeks. I think you can check this very thread to see it mentioned!
This, of course, leans more towards this being about hitting a new personal record for her longest running #1 in the UK and the neat addition of it coinciding with her touring in the area at the same time over the stan war context it’s been spun into, but y’know.