Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets Department

I know she's at the point where she can do whatever she wants and her stans will eat it all up and she will stream/sell incredibly well regardless but I would have liked at least some indication/talk about what to expect from the upcoming album. We've sat with this news for a while now and aside from flogging a variant of a variant of a variant and the tracklist, this waiting period feels like such a wasted opportunity to do something..anything.. to support the record.

I woud have much preferred her approach the new album the way she did folklore. A random surprise drop the day after the IG post explaining the record and bish, bash, bosh DONE!
It's actually not quite hitting me that we'll have a completely new album full of new material in 4 days (for us West Coast girlies) and that we have no indication of what it'll sound like. Something is going to shift...I can feel it in my bones.

I mean I’m not so sure on that if Midnights is anything to go by.