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The swifties are dying out here

Swifties seeing the tambourine
Right? I feel like a lot of us already reappraised it as a way to cope with the Lover release. I’m still waiting for the time when I actually like more than half of Lover, but I don’t want to manifest an album I dislike even more than that.
If it wasn't for the absolute lows of Lover it would be so high up on lists.
My favorite thing is when stans spot an instrument in a picture and start with the "a Juno 347B has been spotted in the background of this studio pic, which means the album is going to sound like this *cites random example*!!"
I might have said it before and it might be an unpopular take, but I don’t think it’s 100% Jack’s doing when it comes to her using the same styles and recycling sonic landscapes to death. I don’t necessarily think Jack is a boring producer, I think Taylor is boring (I say it with love!). At the end of the day, she’s got final say on what she wants the material to sound like and I don’t think she herself is creative or forward thinking when it comes to production. She’s a songwriter first and foremost and that’s where her strong suit is. I could totally see her thinking something like Midnight Rain is soooo out of left field when it…really is just a slightly tweaked version of stuff we’ve gotten before (and I’m a Midnight Rain ride or die so this isn’t a knock on the song). I think Jack has done enough versatile work with other artists which shows me that it’s Taylor wanting to revert back to her comfort zone repeatedly and not necessarily Jack being unable to do anything else. They’ve made absolute magic together, and I wish she’d let her producers take the creative reins more to really push her (see: folklore and evermore) to more creative places.
These lyrics are....pretty bad. I really hate when artists are wordy for the sake of being wordy. They might sound quirky or fantastical but the intention and story behind them gets lost and you spend half the song trying to figure out what the hell it is about.
Sometimes laying things out straight and directly cuts much harder because it doesn't waste time or try to be anything other than it is.