Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets Department

Taylor Nation is really overdoing the “2” thing nn that is a dangerous game with the swifties at peak frenzy!

2 stars on each side of the album title, 2 PM on both clocks, along w/ the other "II"-related stuff. Why do people think it's Reputation, though? That I don't understand. I would be extremely overwhelmed if it was a surprise double album, though.
Ok ngl I’m seeing compilations of all the “2” references now that we’ve just gotten so many clocks with it too, and I’m starting to clown. Is she gonna pull another 3am Deluxe situation with more tracks???

Absolutely will not be a “double album”/rep tv though
Not the black trash bag coverup.

Some of the replies on this tweet....I can't believe that these are the Swifites who have likely seen the tour already/gotten tour tickets, and I haven't...

Side note, I've been wanting a Haim-esque album from Taylor for such a long time