Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets Department

Ughhh I'm bored so reading some of these real time reactions.

It does seem like the consensus so far is that the first 5 songs are familiar and your mileage will vary based on how much you liked Midnights (I liked it overall), and that six onwards is where things get interesting?
I'm whelmed so far ":("

I feel like Lana has provided some inspiration on how she'd like to view her career. But this is more a Blue Bannisters than a NFR or even Chemtrails.

The production is less interesting (or maybe we're fatigued) than Midnights and the lyrics are... some of her worst?
5 tracks in, I feel this matches the Midnights description more than what we got with all the "fear, turmoil and tears" so far.... I liked the Midnights soundscape so seeing in this more melancholic way is very pleasing.
I’m only three tracks in and I think the melodys are - on first listen - more interesting than most things on Midnights, even though the soundscape is a bit… recycled.