Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets Department

Ok I finished first listen. A lot to take in, but overall a solid effort. She prob cold have cut like 3-4 tracks, but still enjoyable. There are definitely quirks on it, between lyrics and production choices. It’s almost confusing that it sounds different and progressive for her in some areas, but then a retread in others, so a mixed bag. Like so much of her work, I gotta read and digest all these lyrics to really appreciate most of it, since that’ll be where she shines.
When I‘m asking what it’s like, I can only describe as hints of Midnights (Jack synths), a little folklore/evermore (production/storytelling), a little reputation (sass/attitude)
On first listen there's more energy here than midnights. Some incredible highs, and layers that will reveal themselves over the next few weeks. I'm going to enjoy these lyrics.

So far I've gone back to

so long london
but daddy i love him
fresh out the slammer
i can do it with a broken heart
the smallest man who ever lived
the black dog
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My takeaway from this album so far, now that I'm right up to The Smallest Man, is that her break-up with Joe clearly didn't provide as much material as people thought it would. Which makes the Swifties villainising him even funnier. Like oh he really is just a sort of plain/boring guy that she happily dated for years... shocking.