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Taylor Swift - "Wildest Dreams" + Red (Taylor's Version)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. Alsoooo she finally jumped on the "slow zoom challenge". I love her self awareness too.
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  2. Self aware Queen drag us!!!!
  3. She looks sooooo good
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  5. DAWN OF 1989
    featuring Yung Baby Tate,
    Slayyyter, girl in red,
    and Shirley Bassey
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  6. What a great thing to wake up to?? Kind of screaming at her watching it go viral and putting it out before a Red TV single.

    LOVE it, her voice sounds so strong and the production is lush. A great hint of what's to come with the rest of the album. Surprised to see that Max isn't on it, but having Shellback is close enough and should be able to do the trick on re-creating the originals.
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  7. I'm all here for her having some fun with these Taylor's Versions, and mixing them up. Keep surprising us Hen, especially when they sound as good as Wildest Dreams (never one of my favs on 1989)
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  8. Honestly I had this playing in the back while working and I could mistake it for the original if I wasn't paying attention.
  9. Someone make up a TikTok dance to the ten-minute ‘All Too Well’
  10. I mean this was the entire point of the re-recordings, so I'm not mad at it disrupting the Red TV 'era' if you will.
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  11. Original is a 11/10 track and remains unbothered but I really like the new version too.
  12. Very sick and twisted of her to not put the drums from the radio edit in this
  13. Her final ad lib after the bridge specifically is so much stronger.

    We already knew 1989 (TV) wasn't going to be the upgrade that Fearless (TV) was and have discussed it at length so I'm not sure why that's even still being brought up. If it's more of a 1:1 comparison then I think she would consider that a success as that was ultimately the intention of the re-recordings.
  14. Well, this sounds perfect to me.
  15. I do wonder if we will get the "Single Mix" (movie trailer version) at some point too?
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  16. Who’s starting a TikTok trend with Enchanted so she rush releases that next?

    The re-recording sounds perfect to me, particularly the ad-libs and harmonies, and is a good sign that she can recreate the magic of 1989 even without Max.
  17. RMK


    Didn't she make some sort of comment regarding her relationship with Max Martin entering Lover? Failing to remember.
  18. She made a comment around the time of Lover release about producers demanding writing credits on songs even when they weren’t involved in the songwriting (which is slightly ironic in retrospect given the Deja Vu situation nn) which was widely assumed to be about Max, but she only had positive things to say about him a couple months ago in her speech for the National Music Publishing Association’s Icon Award and implied that they will be working together again some day.
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  19. I was trying to imagine what a outdoorsy version of 1989 artwork would look like and now I know.
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