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Taylor Swift - "Wildest Dreams" + Red (Taylor's Version)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

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  2. ANYWAYS… I still love this and I’m kinda shocked by some of the reactions?!

    The vocal effects on the last “follow you around’’ and Taylor’s subsequent high note get me every time.
  3. I guess you can put me in the more mixed camp - her vocals are obviously better, but kind of blandly produced? On the original the vocal layering is so much more dreamy and ethereal, whereas her voice is clearer on the new one, sort of hovering above it all in a way that takes me out of the song. I actually love that the original vocals aren't "perfect" - the way her voice slightly breaks on the pre-choruses feels much more vulnerable and desperate in the original than in the more technical proficient new version. It is striking how much more in control she is of her voice now though, especially her lower register. Perhaps I'm just too attached to the original version, but much like the new Forever & Always this just lacks the same urgency that the old one has.
  4. THIS!
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  5. This is so fucking stupid sksks her being an asshat doesn't negate the absolute influence Born to Die had on a massive number of artists. Taylor herself cited Lana as her most important artist of the decade or whatever.
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  6. Mr.Arroz

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    Watch your tone.
  7. I see where you are coming from yes you’re right.
  8. If Taylor can get credit on SOUR, Lana can get credit here :)
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    Her dropping Wildest Dreams in the middle of the Red rollout if we can even call it a rollout nn just reiterates the point that she should've done a compilation first to get all the hits out there before focusing on album tracks that the fans only care about.

    Anyway it's nice, but I prefer the radio mix by a long shot so I don't think I'll have any use for this, and it also feels very disappointing to not get the horse movie version.
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  10. A new short clip of I Knew You Were Trouble can be heard here (around 0:42) .

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  11. CBS Sunday Morning continuing to show the other girls how it's done.
  12. She’s coming for that #1

  13. Not her pricing them at $19.89…
  14. International already soul out! Damn.
  15. Surprise release incoming.
  16. In 72 hours would be Thursday... Perfect day for an announcement

  17. It was probably going to be priced at $19.99 and she's just trying to be cute, I wouldn't think anything of it especially when things are so backed up with Red.
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    Hm. I’ve just listened to the new version, and this was always going to be her problem as she progressed through her discography - that re-recording 1989 and reputation would feel and sound too redundant, and at worse, lesser. Yes, her voice is fuller and more complete now, but let’s be honest, her vocals took a couple leaps forward by the time she got to Red and 1989 (and especially reputation) and the voice is as much an instrument in Max’s production as the synths. That’s the beauty of 1989, how tightly woven every piece is into the perfect pop package. Bringing one element into the forefront throws the song off balance, and it doesn’t work as well.

  19. Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version) is at 22 in the midweeks and actually rose 7 spots on Spotify UK today, while the original peaked at 40.
  20. Scrolling through TikTok and seeing the slow zoom trend, some of them usual the original Wildest Dreams and some using the new Wildest Dreams, it's getting harder to tell the difference between them tbh.
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