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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by festivereece, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. The (No @Drew) version.
  2. I’d love to hear The Chicks singing that though.
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  3. The difference some Drew can make!

    Honestly, her debut album is very much a debut album, but the 5 singles are killer.
  4. That absolutely wouldn't have fit on Taking the Long Way, though I doubt she heard any of the songs at that point.
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  5. I think it's really interesting that they pitched it, and I could hear The Chicks of another era singing it. Listening to that song almost 20 years later (...) just shows her way with melody from the start. She knew exactly which words to stretch and the right mix of sophistication and emotion.
  6. What exactly does she do on stage to warrant twinks posting to instagram that they waited in queue for 8 hours to get tickets to see her? Does she curate a pinterest board for each city?
  7. Not this boomer take right out of 2013.
  8. Ok i don't want to spam the Midnights thread but i think this is how i would make the tracklist for the main record while keeping the same amount of songs (13)

    1. Snow on The Beach
    2. Maroon
    4. Anti Hero
    5. Mastermind
    6. Would've Could've Should've
    7. You're on Your Own Kid
    8. Labyrinth
    9. Bejeweled
    10. Great War
    11. Karma
    12. Bigger Than The Whole Sky
    13. Dear Reader

    *Opening up with Snow on the Beach works well imo. It gives a taste of what comes further down the road. The sparse, chill atmosphere of it works in contrast with how dense and heavy Maroon is.
    * Maroon and Glitch are sister songs and that is that on that.
    * Mastermind as track 5 was a slam dunk for me. Her most referential song as the fifth track, i mean.
    * Would've Could've Should've and You Are on Your Own Kid also goes together in my head. I think You are on Your Own Kid as the reflection of the emotional pain that is being described in WCS.
    * I wanted to have bops in the second half. Great War might have stuck out like a sore thumb but i had to have it there.
    *Bigger Than Whole Sky and Dear Reader gives me the peace+hoax combo from folklore.
  9. @enjoy I agree that You're On Your Own, Kid and Would've Could've Should've sound so good together! I have them in opposite order on my sequencing and they work marvelously back to back.

    Putting my deluxe below as it's the only way I listen to the album these days

    1. Lavender Haze
    2. Maroon
    3. Anti-hero
    4. Paris
    5. Snow on the Beach
    6. You're On Your Own, Kid
    7. Would've, Could've, Should've
    8. The Great War
    9. Midnight Rain
    10. Question...?
    11. Glitch
    12. Bejeweled
    13. High Infidelity
    14. Karma
    15. Bigger Than the Whole Sky
    16. Dear Reader
    17. Mastermind
    18. Labyrinth

    I think Labyrinth works as a closer as it feels like a career MO in a way, capping off an album that itself feels like a cornerstone to her career up to now. Vigilante Shit is fun for a laugh and Sweet Nothing is cute enough but the former is redundant due to Karma and the latter feels like a New Year's Day redux. I know people shit on Question...? but that second verse with her vocals slathered in vocoder just really does it for me.
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  11. Just listening to The Holiday Collection and she has to re-record this right?

    I forgot how good Christmases When You Were Mine was!
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  12. I hope she intends to re-record the Christmas EP and plans a separate, dedicated release for it. Not like I would mind if she tagged it at the end of the rerecorded debut but any extra Taylor music merch to throw my coins for is always welcome.
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  13. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    And nothing for evermore!! Taylor, trust you will be dealt with!!
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  14. This came on shuffle on my Spotify...what a moment. Literally goosebumps.
  15. I wish we had the full concert!
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  16. My All Too Well snow globe came today and it plays the whole 10 minute version, not sure who’d want to listen to it that way but I was only expecting a clip!

  17. “Ohhh I thought this is gonna be one of those things”

    Her best song? Quite possibly so.
  18. The Old-Timey version of Christmas Tree Farm really is so good. I've been mixing it in alongside Kelly's two Christmas albums.
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  19. I've been hammering All You Had to Do Was Stay for the last few days and it remains the perfect pop song. Its ability to lodge into my brain is second to none.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I can't stop listening to evermore this week. It might just be the weather, but happiness, right where you left me, and 'tis the damn season have been playing in my head all day today and just keep solidifying my feelings for the album. I can absolutely say that this is her best album. The stories she told here.....nothing else even comes close.
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