Montreal-based trance artist giving heavy 2000s Kaskade and ATB vibes (think Move for Me, Ecstasy)
She's been around for a couple years and yet I can't seem to find a thread for her! (Sorry if I missed it)

Recent singles:

Other popular bops:

She also has a Bandcamp with an album of remixes including I Drove All Night, Everytime We Touch and Murder on the Dancefloor.
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Open Air and Euphoria were some of my fave dance tracks from last year. Very much here for the direction she's going in.
So she just kind of quietly dropped her new album.

It's a mix of her first two EPs plus some of the new tracks. All bops. I only listen to bops etc.

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Open Air is my favorite song at the moment so super excited to dive in! As mentioned, it gives me throwback 2000s Kaskade vibes.
Sadly my least favorite work of hers, all the new songs don't live up to her others, even the one with fknsyd. Still a few bops in here, just not by her.

She also released a Deluxe of TDJ123 a couple months ago with great new remixes on it.