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Tears For Fears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Txetxu, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Out of curiosity, how is the Rule The World: The Greatest Hits compilation? Is it a good one? Are there any glaring omissions or different mixes? I noticed “Shout” was a different 7” version than I am used to.
  2. It's my go-to Tears for Fears Greatest Hits album because it features Break It Down Again, Raoul and the Kings of Spain and Closest Thing To Heaven, the latter two I'd never heard and and I love both of them.

    Plus you also get the new song I Love You But I'm Lost, which was so refreshing to have from them.

    In terms of edits, it's a mix between album and single versions, Mothers Talk is the US single version rightfully so, and again I Believe is the superior album version. Pale Shelter has the clean intro, which for some reason has appeared on several compilations with Mad World bleed at the beginning, so this is a relief.

    My main issue was the lack of Laid So Low (Tears Roll Down) and it would have been nice to have a couple more 90s singles, but other than that, it's a pretty great Greatest Hits.
  3. New song! Really liking this album so far!

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  4. I was too late to the party and saw that the Super Deluxe Edition website had an exclusive bonus track version that has since sold out. I didn't realise his blog had that much clout as he seems like just another angry man shouting at a cloud.
  5. I missed out on the blu ray album, by minutes I think. To be fair, he did work on the band’s reissues and has always been a supporter of Steven Wilson.
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  6. Presumably he's built up a bit of a rapport with Universal through his work on the TFF deluxes, and he has always been a champion of Steven Wilson. I thought the exclusive Blu Ray was a great, if surprising, idea.
  7. Yes, it's a great achievement for him and his site. I wonder if anything like that has ever happened on Popjustice? I remember there was a compilation once, but don't recall any exclusives through the site itself.
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  8. Break the Man is great, I think this could be my favourite of the new tracks so far? It's got elements of Pale Shelter and Advice for the Young At Heart, 2 of my favourite Tears for Fears songs.

    It is really impressive that Paul has managed to build a relationship with the band to the point he is able to suggest these releases to the band and get exclusivity. It must be great having that relationship with one of your favourite bands, being able to direct them in the right direction of what the fans want.
    I instantly ordered the 3 bonus tracks edition of the Tipping Point form the SDE store, but I didn't order the Bluray, because I don't consume music this way so I couldn't justify it. I also ordered the signed Amazon edition and the green vinyl, so I'm happy with what I've got from this album.
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  9. I was thinking more "Swords and knives" than "Advice for the young at heart" initially but now that you have put this thought into my head, I too am hearing "Advice" vibes on this song.
  10. Only just saw this and I’ve missed out
  11. I found Everybody Loves a Happy Ending deluxe CD in a record store today so obviously bought it, I’ve never heard this album so I’m excited to discover it.
    It seems to sell for a fair bit on eBay too.
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  13. This album is amazing. Please be Happy is really gorgeous. It’s about Roland’s wife who died of mental illness and alcoholism.
  14. Yeah it is great. Rivers of Mercy is a highlight for me. I love the fact Curt sings half the tracks too. Makes it feel more like a tff album.
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  15. SDE not coming through with my special edition CD or the Blu-Ray on release day. Sigh.
  16. I received my SDE special cd today in the post but not the blu ray. I'm hoping that's still coming and I haven't been forgotten.

    I'm hopeful the album gets no.1 next week, considering the reissue of seeds of love made no.8 recently. Will make up for the release disaster of Happy Ending that flopped badly.
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  17. This is pretty much what I expected and wanted from this album.
  18. Can't believe me of all people - with my release date fixations - didn't spot that Tipping Point has been released exactly 37 years to the day since Big Chair came out!
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