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Tears For Fears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Txetxu, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. What a triumph of an album, best thing released so far this year.
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  2. That makes me feel very old. I would have gone to the shops with my dad to pick SFTBC up on the day it came out.
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  3. Golly, it is really good, isn’t it? Strong melodies, dynamic. And actually sounds like Tears For Fears. Finding orphaned singles regrettable as I do, naturally I’ve added I Love You But I’m Lost to it, which makes it better still.
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  4. Every is now going to want the Broken album after the SDE interview. Oddly my copy has just arrived but it’s gone in the queue to be played, rather than shoved immediately in the NAD.
  5. Is there a way of hearing the three bonus tracks? They aren’t on YouTube and a Google search comes up with nothing other than lyrics. I find it a bit annoying it was limited to 2,000 units. Two of the tracks are US/Japan exclusives and the third on the UK deluxe (for one track it’s not really worth getting). I regret not getting the SDE exclusive now.
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  6. A very brilliant album - possibly their best, though I'll need more time with it to gauge properly where it sits in their catalogue. I wasn't keen on their previous album - everything on The Tipping Point is light years better than anything ...Happy Ending had to offer. Beautiful, expansive, dynamic and emotional. Wonderful stuff! The bonus tracks are every bit as brilliant as the rest of the album - Curt and Roland really have got their mojo back. Definitely excited to see them live now, and Alison Moyet as well - will be one helluva gig!
  7. My SDE cd arrived today. There three extra tracks are good but they were right when they picked the tracks on the main album.
  8. I know it's a free market and all that, but the sheer fucking GALL of these flippers on eBay at the moment.

    They're even using SDE's customised packshot, which is surely copyright infringement.

    Obviously, Paul can't pick and choose who buys the items, or force anyone to sign a "I will not sell this for profit, honest guv, it's for me to listen to", but really this is taking the piss.
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  9. Just a heads up to say that the 3 bonus tracks were uploaded to YouTube about an hour ago (not by me I should add.) Have dropped everything to listen now, just in case they suddenly disappear.
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  10. Secret Location is the real gem on the bonuses:

    Let It All Evolve is great too:

    Shame is the one that I could live without, but still a lovely close to the set:

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  11. Thanks for the links to the bonus tracks.

    The interview with SDE doesn’t give much info on why “I Love You But I’m Lost” is left off, other than that they disagreed on it. As Stay does make it, and both tracks were originally intended for it until Universal put out that greatest hits, it seems an odd thing to do:

    ‘I Love You But I’m Lost’ is notably absent from The Tipping Point (“I like it”, says Roland. “It’s one of the songs we didn’t agree on,” offers Curt, diplomatically)
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  12. I’m loving this album and I’m glad I got the 3 track bonus edition, I need to listen to it more before I can write a proper review, I’ve had a busy weekend, but on first listen Stay sounded different to the version included on Rule the World, which I found odd because Paul said it was the same in his first listen post.
    I regret not buying the blu ray but glad I got the 3 bonus track edition and the signed vinyl. I’m hopeful Paul has a few copies left to sell.
  13. Apparently, the Blu-Ray audio is a much better listen in terms of compression and dynamics (for those who value such things!). So I will definitely play the Blu-Ray disc as a first port of call.
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  14. Anyone care to explain to me how I
    a) missed that TFF had a new album,
    b) and that it’s been out a week already,
    b) and that I missed the special SDE version too…

    argh. It’s like the super deluxe box sets all over again, have a serious TFF blind spot.
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  15. The deluxe edition CD (one extra track - the rather good Secret Location) is currently down to £9.99 on Amazon in the UK, if anyone’s interested.
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  16. Thanks - just off for quick bit of shopping!
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  17. Don't tell my girlfriend about the amazon price drop!
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  18. Didn’t realise but the standard version is down to £7.99. Definitely an argument for not pre-ordering, just wait a few days until after release.
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  19. I finally opened my SDE deluxe CD last night and ripped the 3 bonus tracks and uploaded them to my Apple Music library, I'm so glad to have these, Secret Location and Shame are great additions, and I'm glad to have a longer version of the album. I was tempted to add I Love You But I'm Lost, but I quite like that being exclusive to the Rule the World Greatest Hits.
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  20. I'm so mad I did not get the SDE edition and only got the bonus track edition with Secret Location. In this day and age, we should be able to purchase the edition we want to.
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