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Tears For Fears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Txetxu, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Agreed. It does annoy me that it was exclusive to SDE and limited to 2,000 units. As has been observed, some are now on eBay and one is up to £46 with 15 bids. Looking at completed listings, one apparently sold for £100 (with the cheek to add £3.49 postage on top!).

    Paul at SDE worships physical product and yet, when there’s profit to be made, has effectively stopped people having it (or paying silly prices for it).

    Record companies are the real culprits though, allowing different bonus tracks in different parts of the world.
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  2. Is there a way Paul could make a repress of the special edition?
  3. I think it's out of his control.

    Without someone like Paul's input/nagging/encouragement, it's possible that neither of the SDE exclusives would have ever been made at all (certainly, standalone Blu-Ray audio is a long-abandoned format, so Universal would not have done that off their own bat).

    The flippers are a regrettable side-effect of what should be a bonus for music fans.
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  4. In the ideal world, there would only be one version or just a regular and one deluxe. I dislike the trend of all the formats, colours of vinyl and cassettes.
  5. I agree, I’ve never been his biggest fan recently but he made them happen, so fair play to him. I suspect he is well annoyed at the flipping but apart from cancelling multiple orders, what can he do?

    Played the album for the first time this afternoon, then the second and third time. great album, best thing I’ve heard in ages, it’s the missing link between Seeds and Elemental for me.
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  6. I didn’t mind that so much in the past, as long as it was on formats that had enough of them produced. My real pet hate is when record companies do this with digital only items and it’s region restricted
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  7. It started in ooh 1977 I think!

    Collecting was a nightmare in the 80s as the chart return shops used to get different versions to the main record stores, with free t shirts, free singles, free posters etc. You also had to travel to buy them and pray they’d be in. I think I prefer the current version of selling but I agree there should be a limit to the versions. It used to be five, a while back?
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  8. Luc


    #2 in the UK Albums Chart!

    The Tipping Point also claims Number 1 on this week’s Official Vinyl Albums Chart and Official Record Store Chart.
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  9. Same peak as Songs From The Big Chair....another Feb 25th release.
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  10. Slightly disappointing that it didn’t make number one. The BBC interview yesterday mentioned it was in the running for number one (it’s since been updated). Still, it’s a big improvement on Everybody Loves A Happy Ending, which unbelievably only reached number 45.

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  11. Yeah I think it was number 1 all week but the artist at no.1 I think has been doing signings all week so after being 7000 copies behind, overtook at the last minute. Have to say I thought it would definitely make no.1 so like you an a tad disappointed. Loads of older acts seem to miss out on decent chart positions in the streaming age as they can't really compete with newer acts in that market.
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  12. A serious pop injustice. This is a number one album. I'll console myself (as I do with so many brilliant acts) that a) 40 years in, a #2 album is an amazing result, and b) it's an amazing album. The other album I'm constantly going back to at the mo is Natalie Imbruglia's Firebird - a brilliant LP, yet the public only saw fit to give it a #10 placing and that was it's one solitary week in the charts.

    I'll forever be grateful to have grown up in an era when Curt & Rowland et al 'Ruled The World' and the hit parade was wall-to-wall classics and genuinely thrilling to follow.
  13. Me having no idea that Natalie Imbruglia releasing an album called Firebird was even a thing…
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  14. Same peak as Seeds of Love. Not bad.
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  15. "Secret Location" has become the new object of my unhealthy obsession!!!!
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  16. This is a great song, it deserved a place on the album, but at least we have it.

    I’m proud they managed to get a number 2 position, they should be proud of this album.
    I didn’t realise Everybody Loves a Happy Ending got such a low position, I finally bought this the other week, all I’ll say is The Tipping Point is a much better album.
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  17. This album is a HUGE step up from Everybody loves a happy ending. Not having seen Tears For Fears live until 2004, I started a countdown clock in my head ever since I heard that Roland and Curt had reconnected and started talking to each other again knowing that new material would emerge from this - so the Beatles-esque feel of that album was quite a disappointment - one that translated to their performance at the Beacon Theatre in New York City in 2004. I felt like the new songs watered down the punch of their hits. I remember watching that concert with my boarding school room mate and both us enjoyed the hits but were disappointed with the new offerings. This time, I am going to try and get tickets just to hear the new songs since I've had the opportunity to watch Tears For Fears live (TWICE and the setlists kicked ass )in recent years and have heard the hits back to back. I am so glad they got a #2 position although I really wish they had made it to #1. They so deserve it with this album. One our side of the Atlantic in the US, they've had their first top 10 album since "Seeds of Love" in 1989. Now THIS is a comeback!!!
  18. Taken a while to give this a proper listen (with girlfriend revising non stop for her exams it’s been like a library here since I got the cd!) but today I cranked the stereo up and it’s really good isn’t it. And not just Tipping Point and Masterplan that I’ve heard already.

    after my interest tailed off with ‘Seeds’ it’s nice to have them back. Are any of the interim albums really worth checking out?

    oh and I heard this today and rather enjoyed it!
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