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Tears For Fears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Txetxu, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Tears For Fears didn’t appear at yesterday’s Lytham Festival due to Curt Smith injuring his rib. Alison Moyet and Natalie Imbruglia still performed, but all ticket holders will receive a refund.

    I’m seeing them on Friday in Scarborough… hope his rib has recovered by then…
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  2. Tears For Fears have cancelled their dates in Leeds (tonight), Warrick and Scarborough due to Curt's own-going rib injury. Absolutely gutted. I saw Tears For Fears in London and again in Waddesdon Manor minus Alison Moyet (she had COVID). Was meant to be at the Leeds show tonight. Can't believe I am going to miss Tears For Fears and of course Alison Moyet. Let's hope Curt is feeling better soon.
  3. Yes, similarly was meant to be seeing them in Scarborough. Interestingly they’re going to look into re-scheduling the Scarborough one, whereas the other two are cancelled altogether. Saw Duran Duran last year in the same Open Air Theatre and it was a brilliant venue.
  4. Sadly, Scarborough has also now been cancelled. I am crossing all fingers for Hatfield House on 24 July as it is the only gig I can go to. Might finally get a chance to see Alison Moyet too. By the way, the Tears For Fears show is out of this worlds. Both Curt's and Roland's vocals are top and their vocals are better than ever.
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  5. 2014

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    Late but Break The Man really is a bop.
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  6. Best SINGLE of the year!
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