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Tears For Fears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Txetxu, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. All my complaining and the new 10 track album isn't out until 25 February 2022. Perfect. Was surprised to see they haven't gone down the common path of today of releasing it on 25 formats.
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  2. Love the new album art work

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    1. No Small Thing
    2. Tipping Point
    3. Long, Long, Long Time
    4. Break The Man
    5. My Demons
    6. Rivers of Mercy
    7. Please Be Happy
    8. Master Plan
    9. End of Night
    10. Stay
    Bonus tracks
    1. Secret Location 4:02 [Deluxe bonus track]
    2. Let It All Evolve 4:25 [Japan and Target bonus track]
    3. The Shame 5:34 [Japan and Target bonus ttrack]
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  3. Looks like I'll be searching out the Japanese CD.
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  4. Can we all collectively pretend that "I Love You But I'm Lost" never existed? Finally, FINALLY, the REAL Tears For Fears is back. This is very good indeed.
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  5. SuperDeluxeEdition has a very limited exclusive CD edition with all 3 bonus tracks, this is the only place this edition will be available, snatched this up instantly.
    I'm so excited a new era is upon us, I always forget just how much I love Tears for Fears, this will be my first album era as a fan. Was a bit disappointed to see Stay included on the album since we already got that on the greatest hits, but now there's 13 tracks I can get over it, excited to hear the new single this evening.
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  8. C'mon I absolutely love "I love you but I'm lost"!!!
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  9. I am really curious as to how Target orchestrates these deals with artists/bands. I remember also buying a Target version of Duran Duran's Paper Gods just for Cinderella Ride. Will be doing the same for The Tipping point by Tears for Fears.
  10. idontknowher.gif
  11. Oh I missed this dig at I Love You But I'm Lost, I absolutely love this song, such a classic Tears For Fears banger with a modern twist, I'm glad it gives the Rule the World Greatest Hits album a purpose by being exclusive to that compilation, but I would have also loved it to have been a bonus track on the deluxe edition of the new album.
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  12. New single seems recognisably TFF, odd the first minute is instrumental in a four minute song though!
  13. I was about to comment on that. Very strange and I wonder if they will do a separate radio edit to make that instrumental intro shorter.
  14. Apparently there is a radio edit out there.
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  15. ah ok! I need to get my hands on it ASAP! Thank you for the heads up.
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  16. Ordered from SDE straight away, what a coup for them!
  17. I would not be surprised if more formats surface. Target US have a blue vinyl with 7" and Barnes & Noble have an exclusive red vinyl. jpc.de also have an exclusive coloured vinyl but the colour has not been announced. I want a picture disc released for the new album
  18. These are the days when I am glad I don't do vinyl!
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