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teddy<3 (Teddy Geiger) - LillyAnna (3rd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MarkB, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. Teddy's just announced her first single post-transition in an interview with the New York Times, using the name teddy<3

    Not the most PJ friendly sound, but I'm just glad she's still putting out music of her own.

    As you'd expect, the interview focuses largely on her transition and working relationship with Shawn Mendes and there's no mention of an album yet.
  2. I thought this was about Teddy Sinclair and I RAN in here..
  3. This is beyond lovely. It’s so great and important that a trans woman is a part of the rise of the biggest male pop star in the world right now.
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    Ooh, I really like this! I'll have to check out the interview too...
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  5. I'm glad to see she's still making her own music.This is actually pretty boppable.
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  6. This is growing on me immensely.

    She talks about the meaning of the song here:

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  7. New song sounds very Foster The People, not sure how I feel about it yet, but i'm definitely intrigued to hear more.
  8. I'm so proud of her - what a journey, and what incredible accomplishments.

    'I Was In A Cult' feels imbued with a new energy for Teddy, which given what has happened to her in the past year is not surprising. She also co-wrote the closing track 'Unless It's With You' on Christina Aguilera's new album.

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  9. From her mailing list:


    Listen to "I Was in a Cult" the first single released from Teddy's highly anticipated third LP LillyAnna as recently featured on Spotify's New Music Friday.

    Pre-order the limited edition signed vinyl LillyAnna here.

    Vinyl ships "around Sept. 2018". Tracklist:
    SIDE A
    1. Under the Blue
    2, Wishing (and Hoping)
    3. I Was in a Cult
    4. LillyAnna
    5. 8

    SIDE B
    6. Get Me High
    7. Body and Soul
    7. Loser
    8. Life Goes On

  10. “I Was in a Cult” knocks. Can’t wait to hear the album.
  11. This is wonderful.
  12. PAPER Magazine takeover:

  13. This album is great
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  15. It's brilliant. There are flashes of 70s punk, 80s pop and 90s grunge, alternatively furious and narcotic. 'LilyAnna' is a far cry from the radio-ready fare she writes for other artists, but I hope it gets some love because it's so deserving.

    Here's the cover of Queen and Bowie's 'Under Pressure' she did with Shawn Mendes.

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  16. The title track is affecting and haunting. Can't wait to listen to the whole album!
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  17. Listened to the album, and while I don't think her music is all that interesting, I'm happy she's out here doing her thing.
  18. 'Life Goes On' is the highlight for me, along with the title track. Gorgeous.

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