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Tegan & Sara - Love You To Death

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. It's weak. They didn't really progress at all and nothing can beat Heartthrob.

    Or maybe it's more fair to say that it should really kill and it doesn't achieve that.
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  2. Yeah, it doesn't kill, and it's nowhere near Heartthrob, but at a half hour runtime it's a pretty enjoyable album and it adds at least 6 great songs to their repertoire. I'm happy with it.
  3. Going to hold out on this, but these initial reviews are making me sad. These lowered expectations will likely increase my enjoyment, though.
  4. U-Turn is that song that cool kids in 1981 would've had fire hydrant parties at in Harlem on scorching hot days in August, with b-boys in attendance, and a young David Lachapelle taking pictures of the crowd.
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  5. These lukewarm reviews aren’t giving me much hope that this is a good album...
  6. Not everything has to be great or shit, it's a solid album, and that it's good enough for me, pick it up on friday no doubt ;)

    And this ain't no reviews, this is more like first impressions, l listened to it a couple of times today, let it breathe, pick it up again tomorrow...
  7. Just gave it a listen through. It's all very meh to me so far, which is really disappointing since I really liked the singles. The best tracks have already been released in my opinion. I'm hoping it'll grow on me.
  8. Enjoyable set of tracks, just nothing really fresh about them. It's just all sort of tired. I'll wait till my copy comes in to give it another spin.
  9. This isn't very good is it?
  10. Ya this album is very lackluster. The very first tracks they dropped, "Boyfriend" and "U-Turn" are the best tracks...which is annoying.

    "Dying To Know" is one that stood out to me in the ones we haven't heard yet. The last song is nice as well.

    Aside from it being a less good Heartthrob Part Deux it just seems they've run out of things to write about...
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  11. I've only heard Boyfriend so this is quite the revelation, I love 6-7 tracks and the rest are really great too. Don't ruin albums with grat tracks guys.
  12. BMW or BWU or whatever is a bit ishy but I almost prefer it to Hearthrob overall tbh

    But really, the negativity is a tad much, That Girl in particular is spectacular.
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  13. Should have released the Carly Rae songs.
  14. Is there anything similar to 'Shock To Your System' on the new LP?
  15. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I'm just going to wait until Friday, but I'm not that worried about these meh reactions. Those have been posted since Boyfriend was released and I haven't agreed with them yet.
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  16. Aag


    Hang Onto The Night, but it's a lesser Shock To Your System.

    This album didn't reach the heights of the last album. I know it's kinda bad to expect artists to recreate the glories of their last album, but I know they can do much better than this.
  17. If you listen to this album right after Heartthrob it sounds like one continous album.

    I know some people don't care about that but personally i'm like meh what's the point I heard this from you guys 3 years ago and it was done better.

    I'll take it though. "Dying To Know" is the one song I know i'm gonna replay a lot. I've already worn out "Boyfriend" and "U-Turn".
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  18. OK it's already growing on me quite a bit...

    White Knuckles and BWU are good.
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  19. Oh, don't be, if you enjoyed Boyfriend I honestly can't you see you not enjoying this.

    Faint of Heart has got me feeling ~dramatic~.
    Also the "is the one you ended up with/everything you wanted" bit in Dying To Know is so great.
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