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Tei Shi - Crawl Space (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mister Unicorn, Oct 26, 2014.

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    Tei Shi is a wonderful new-ish artist who first caught my attention at the end of last year with her "Saudade" EP. Accurately described by Noisey as a "layered masterpiece of melodies that duck and dive, expertly entwined vocal loops, and shivery sonics", it includes the singles "Nevermind The End" and "M&Ms".

    Now she's back with a new song called "Bassically" and she's sounding better than ever!


    Check out her Soundcloud page for lots of free downloads.
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    I saw the title of that video and thought, "No more songs about bass, ever." But I gave her a listen anyway, and I'm glad I did. 'Nevermind the End' was my immediate fave... "layered masterpiece" is a perfect description of that one.
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    "See Me":


    Yet another pretty damn incredible track from my new fave.
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    See Me is wonderful but Basically is still the one for me
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    "Bassically" video:


    There's also a new EP called "Verde" coming out April 4.


    1. Can't Be Sure
    2. Bassically
    3. See Me
    4. Go Slow
    5. Get It
  6. Amazing Remix Alert:

  7. Amazing New Song Alert:

  8. New track "Keep Running" up on Spotify today. She's on Downtown/Interscope now.

    "Every time I look over my shoulder, I'm getting older." What an opening line.
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  9. Here's the video.
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  10. I love the verses! Her voice suits this kind of sound so well.
    The chorus is a bit lacking though... it feels a bit frankenstein-ed together
  11. AMAZING.
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  12. Delivering that Class Actress meets Cool For The Summer jam, way to go girl.
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  13. I think this might be my favourite song by her.
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  14. I wonder when her debut album will be fully unveiled, March 31 isn't that far.
  15. I just discovered her this morning browsing music blogs. Keep Running is sooooo good!
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  16. Yes bop.
  17. New song "How Far". And here's the album cover (hmm where's the tracklist sis):

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  18. Why are people who like spiders like this
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