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Tei Shi - New Era (+ Grip)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mister Unicorn, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. New single out on June 16th. Pre-save link is live:


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  3. "This track is not available in your country." Grrrrrr. I'm gonna need Spotify to rectify this, stat.
  4. This is great! I missed her. Is an album coming?
  5. She's fully independent now right? Seems like it might be an error with how it was uploaded. I need to hear it already!
  6. 3Xs


    Yeah did she press the wrong buttons or something when she uploaded it cus I can't play this ddd. It sounds real nice though.
  7. It was available yesterday in the US, my boyfriend played it but now it's not on her singles outside of the feature on her artist page?
  8. 3Xs


  9. Still nothing?
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  11. pdf


    deserves to be huge, she's having no luck these days
  12. Does anyone know why it was removed from Spotify?
  13. Read up
  14. I did read her post, but I didn’t see the reason. Maybe I missed it?
  15. Two weeks later and still nothing on Spotify...

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  17. Finally! Grip sounds a bit more DIY than her previous work but it's also very Tei Shi. I just love her voice.
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  18. This is fantastic, I hope there's an album coming!
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