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Tei Shi - New Era (+ Grip)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mister Unicorn, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. The album is so good. Red Light and A Kiss Goodbye have become some of my most streamed tracks of the year without me even realising.
  2. Double posting but any ideas why Red Light has been removed from streaming? The album was re-uploaded without it.
  3. It never disappeared for me?

  4. Odd. It’s still definitely no longer on the album in the UK.
  5. Yup I have the album downloaded but to give her coin I made a Spotify playlist and added Red Light as a local file cause it's essential to the album.
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  6. Maybe it’s for selected territories? I’m in Canada and Tei Shi’s Canadian too so it’s probably a distribution or sample issue?
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  7. Die 4 Ur Love is amazing.
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  8. It was there the first few weeks, so yes.
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  9. Incredible new single! Die 4 Ur Love is *chef kiss*
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  10. Die 4 Ur Love is like Say You Do's little sister, i.e. straight up Popjustice catnip.
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  11. If Die 4 Ur Love was a new Robyn or Katy Perry track... as it is crickets.
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  12. Die 4 Ur Love is her best song in a while
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  13. Next single off a new EP on Friday.

    i can’t find any information when the EP is due to drop though?
  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Die 4 Ur Love is really great so I'm perched for this - her artwork is also rather exciting right now.
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  15. Her new logo reminds me of early 00's JNCO/FUBU branding.
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  16. I still haven’t found time to listen to this yet despite me stanning the first single and the previous album.
  17. flop
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  18. LOVE this
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