Tennis - Pollen

Oh man, I've gotta echo quite a few of you- I've had "Late Night" on repeat for a chunk of the day. The subtle progression that builds up throughout the song until the very end. After spending the last few years being heartbroken (but not paralyzed, thank goodness) over my first relationship, I've recently been dating the sweetest, sweetest dude and it feels so freeing to be able to navigate this new, healthy and communicative relationship!
I loathed them when they opened for HAIM forever ago; Runner is proving me wrong thankfully. I'll have to dive in I suppose.
@Vasilios - make the title of this thread shorter pleaseeeeee.

I can't get enough of this album. Yes, it's short but honestly it works? This is a complete vibe for 30 minutes and I don't hear a minute of wasted space. The melodies are gorgeous, the rhythms range, and her voice covers so much ground.
I finally got around to getting an Amazon Echo and subscribed to Amazon music as I’ll soon have far too much physical product to store so need to get with the times. Anyway I’ve been hammering this album a lot on it. It’s a fine piece of work, a mood. Do I need to delve further?
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I must say, my initial criticism was that this album felt a little too brief and whilst that's still true, I've found many an instance since where I've a short window where I'm in need of this album's exact brand of ostensibly velvety comfort.

Like, it doesn't demand much more than that but it's a fantastic way to pass 40 minutes and their M.O of blissed-out marital exploration pours through every time.

Tennis have announced a new album called Pollen. The duo’s sixth studio album is set to arrive via their own Mutually Detrimental label on February 10, 2023. Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore have also shared the album’s first single, ‘One Night With the Valet’, which they wrote and recorded in their home studio. Check it out below and scroll down for the LP’s cover art and tracklist.

“We wanted to write a big album,” Moore said of Pollen in a statement. “Instead of choruses with universal themes, I wrote with a specificity that was new to me, narrowing in on the smallest details of our lives. It is about small things with big consequences: a particle, a moment, a choice. It is me in a fragile state; sometimes inhabited freely, sometimes reacted against. It is striving to remain in a moment without slipping into dread. It is about the way I can be undone by a very small thing.”
I can't say how much I love Let's Make a Mistake Tonight, it's truly a glossy dreamy pop that I needed from them. My expectation towards this album skyrocketed to the roof, as One Night With The Valet also is a nice piece from them.

I also appreciate it that we don't have to wait 4-5 months for this album to arrive, but only a half!