Any tennis fans (particularly women's tennis) fans on here? The WTA tour should heat up next year with Kim Clijsters and Justine Henin being back. It would make my day if the rumours about Mary Pierce coming back were true as well. I haven't given up hope about Jennifer Capriati either who hasn't officially retired. Sabine Lisicki will be top 10 breakthrough player next year - if she stays injury free. Good to see 3 Brits in the women's top 100. Hopefully Elena and Katie can kick on and Anne returns well from injury in 2010.

On the men's side I am heading to the o2 for the end of season champs in November. Anyone else going?
Wow, a tennis thread on PJ!

I'm a HUGE tennis fan and obsessively follow the WTA tour (and to some extent the ATP tour). I'm just very happy about how the 2010 season is shaping up right now, Australian Open should be a spectacle. I'm pulling for Sharapova, she's always been my favourite. Divisive character, I know, but my love for her was secured for eternity after the insane 2008 Australian Open run, the most beautiful and terrifying thing I've seen.. and then the crushing injury leaving her on the sideline when she was at her absolute best. I hope and wish she comes back to 100% and the Tokyo win was reassuring.

Also, 2010 will give a few people their final possibility to show if they're worthy of a slam. And the two top 10 youngsters will have to prove themselves. Can Wozniacki add weapons to her defensive arsenal? Can Azarenka get her emotions in grip?

Next week should be good with at Doha.. love year end tournament, top players going at it against eachother.


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I live in the same country as Kim Clijsters, Justine Henin, Xavier Malisse and Yanina Wickmayer. #lameclaimtofame
potatosalad said:
I live in the same country as Gary Glitter.

But you live in the same country as Wimbledon too. You have to take the bad with the good.

Something I find fascinating with tennis now is how differently the women's and men's game have developed. When I started to follow it, the ladies' games were so lame and weak that they were too boring to follow, while the men's were often really exciting. But sometimes in the 90s this was reversed. The men were too strong for any fun exchanges to be possible, while the women had become strong enough to actually use the court properly. Now it's more even, and both can be good. I take it that it's new regulations that have helped here. The balls are heavier, and maybe some other such stuff.

Tennis is the only sport that is as fun to play as to watch, in my experience. I wonder if others have notice something like that too? Something like badminton is easy and good to play, but a bit weird to watch at elite level. Whereas ice hockey, for example, is too difficult to play for the most of us, but can be good to watch.
I adore following tennis and is the only sport I follow religiously. Glad to see some other fans on here. Anyone a member of
I'm a huge Daniela Hantuchova fan which is pretty heart breaking most the time (08 Oz semis still hurt.)

I'm ridiculously excitied for the 2010 Australian Open, there are about six female players who have a good chance to win and not just hand Serena the title.
Personally I would love Venus (or Daniela!) to win and come closer to her complete career grand slam before her years of competitive tennis come to an end.

In the men's a non-Nadal defeat of Federer at this years US open must be inspiring the top ten for next year.
The only thing I'm not looking forward to will be the lack of sleep from watching the tournament at all hours.
I'm working regular office hours this year, but next year I'm working at my own leisure, so there will be LOTS of tennis going on.

As for tennisforum, I read it for updated news and info, but it's a pretty ridiculous place, seemingly filled with young teens fanboy/girling for their favourite with zealousness and insanity cranked to 11.

I'm also trying to get Wimbledon tickets for next year, sending in the request for the application form now. Living in Norway it's all deliciously complicated, but better to try and fail than not try. Have to get there some time.
Pen Expers said:
As for tennisforum, I read it for updated news and info, but it's a pretty ridiculous place, seemingly filled with young teens fanboy/girling for their favourite with zealousness and insanity cranked to 11.

Totally agree, for every decent member who seem to actually watch tennis there are ten nut jobs.
It is however, terrific for updates, news and links to watch matches online.

Good luck with Wimbledon tickets! I would love to go myself eventually but being a poor student has prevented that so far.
I will probably go to the Birmingham Open next year though if there is a decent draw.
Greatest. sport. ever.

Both a fantastic viewing experience and an amazingly fun sport to play.

I'm a big fan of the Williams Sisters (getting up there in the age bracket - but still winning like champions) and of course, Le Roge, arguably the greatest player of all time.

Tennis really has it all. Amazing displays of athleticism, as well as a story, and often a dramatic one to accompany the match. I'll never forget watching Serena go down at Wimbledon with a massive cramp in her calf muscle and going on to win the match. Amazing.


I prefer Badminton to Tennis. I am totally, utterly useless at all sports apart from Badminton and Bowling. The last time I went bowling I kicked arse, scoring 4 consecutive strikes. And no, the barriers were not up!
What about favourite matches...

For pure emotion I loved seeing Jennifer Capriati lift the first of her back to back Australian Open titles (both against Hingis).

For a classic final it will take some beating for me to top the Graf/Seles French final of '92. Two players at the top of their game bringing out the best in each other and playing each point like their lives depended on it.
I love playing and watching.
Wimbledon is the best two weeks of TV all year.
The Nadal-Federer final two years back was truly iconic. Although, I much prefer Federer so it didn't end all that good for me.

I miss Myskina. :( I'm not even sure what happened to her cause I've only been a massive fan for like 2 years, but I liked her.
Charley! said:
I live in the same country as Kim Clijsters, Justine Henin, Xavier Malisse and Yanina Wickmayer. #lameclaimtofame

I love that Yanina Wickmayer is important enough to be included - I saw her at the only local tournament we have where I live (Edgbaston - so I've seen, and heard, Sharapova) and she got to the final, and I thought it was only a matter of time before she started making major tracks. Of course there was a slight element of luck...

Anyway. I love tennis, it's the only sport I follow, and yes, I'm going to the ATP end of season tournament at the O2. I think I'll be there on the Saturday, if I remember rightly. Looking forward to it - the top male players together usually promise enthralling contests. It's just when they play lower ranked players it can be really dull - whereas the women's is consistently more unpredictable.
I know this is kind of an old school reference, but I met Billie Jean King once (she won 'The Battle of the Sexes' against Bobby Riggs in the 1970s). The International Tennis Hall of Fame (did you know such a place existed) was three towns away from me when I was growing up, and I volunteered at their annual tournament one summer (at the time, it was on the only grass court in North America). I was with my dad and BJK was standing outside a court waiting to go on. Despite my father saying I should just leave her alone, I totally went up to her and shook her hand and congratulated her on being a legend and bla bla bla (I think I was like 14 at the time). She was very nice to me considering I was interrupting her preparation time.

I was way into tennis around like 94-98 (I loved me some Arantxa Sanchez Vicario!) but haven't really been paying attention much recently. And I used to play a lot but also not as much recently. So sad, too bad.
Ana Ivanovic is lovely.

I'm not a massive fan of tennis, but I do watch it occasionally. One of my friends is a pretty big fan though so I try to keep up for conversation's sake.
I like the year end tournament.. the round robin style is a great breath of fresh air. Too bad it's in Doha where no one wants to see tennis.