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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by backstreetjoe, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. Venus v Belinda first round looks interesting.
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  2. Incredible scenes as Garbiñe, Maria, Angie and Aga all land in the same eighth of the draw. What a bloodbath. Simona's credentials as world number 1 are in for a pretty brutal test as well.

    Jelena's first round draw was a bit of a shock too, but only because I thought Schiavone had retired at the end of last season.
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  3. Two contrasting draws. For me the men's is pretty dull, while the women's has a lot going on in spite of Serena and Victoria's absence.


    Top Half
    • I'm a Nadal fan, but damn this is a dull and irrelevant quarter. Unless his knees are seriously playing up he should make the semis handily.
    • I wanna see blood guts and tears left on the court between Dimitrov and Kyrgios in that 4th round, so of course one of them will bomb out beforehand (Trisha to Rublev? Nick to Shapovalov?), or one of them will go on a mental walkabout during the 4r clash. Really it should be one of them punching into the semi to challenge (a presumably rested) Rafa.
    Bottom Half
    • Sascha's quarter is pretty juicy on paper actually to be fair. I would be shocked to see Stan do anything here even with his soft early rounds. Thiem similarly has it easy early on, I'd expect to see him off Verdasco and make the quarter final. Young and Monfils could possibly take a couple of chinks out of the Djokovic armour, but I think he'll come through them. Sascha should really, really make it to meet Novak. If he does I think he can take Djok out too. Hoping here that Kokk can come through Medvedev.
    • I find it tough to see anyone take Fed out in the bottom quarter. Goffin has a sweet ride to the 4th round, where hopefully he'll meet DelPo, but the Argentine has a few banana skins to deal with first. Hopefully Milos can string a couple of wins together here for the sake of his ranking, but who ever knows with him.
    I'd take Nadal v Kyrgios and (Alexander) Zverev V Federer as our semis for now. That seems horribly unlikely given how these things often go, but looking at the draw I can't come to any other conclusion at the moment. I think it's too early for Novak to go super deep.


    Top Half
    • Top quarter is a weird one. The big hitters could cancel each other out and allow Simona to come through if she only has to play the less mobile girls. If Konta was in last year's form I'd say she was in a great little spot of the draw. Few players who could be real spoilers here or bomb out spectacularly in Giorgi, Osaka and Sabalenka. I have a good feeling about Kvitova for some reason, but that might just be some goodwill. Barty potentially playing three bashers in a row makes me wary of her chances at a run. Safarova could well be the one who sneaks through this section in the end.
    • Muguruza's quarter is vicious, even with her form being questionable at the moment (though it always seems to be the weeks before a slam). I think she can sleepwalk to round 4 regardless. Unless Sevastova takes out Maria, Sharapova-Kerber could be a fantastic match. One which Kerber will win based on current form. The detestable Mladenovic should snap her 14 match losing streak here (though I'd have thought the same earlier this week), but I think Watson will probably take her out in r2. If Garcia is still not 100%, Keys should be making quarters here.
    Bottom Half
    • Svitolina frequently enjoys having the soft quarter lately. I think Bencic will take Venus out unfortunately. Kenin could actually be a banana skin for Goerges as a scrappy retriever who can attack, but Jules should really make quarter final here. I'd be shocked if Sloane won her first round here. There's no one in Elina's way anyway. Dull section, but at least Goerges is here as a spark of interest. And I guess See, if she makes it through Belinda.
    • Woz's quarter is more straightforward than it could have been too (again a frequent enough occurrence). She should make r4 handily. If Ostapenko dares lose to Fran... I can see it though. Hopefully not, but either way I'd be surprised to see her make it to Woz (which is a shame given how their matches play out). Kanepi could well storm this section, though she has a tough enough draw against Dominika round 1. It'll be interesting to see how Coco fares this slam, defending semi final points and being top 10.
    For the women I'd take Kvitova (god knows from that section though) v Safarova, Kerber v Keys, Goerges v Svitolina, and Kanepi v Woz. This leads to semis of Kvitova v Kerber, and Svitolina v Kanepi, leading to a final of Kerber def. Svitolina.
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  4. Mightily impressed by Alex De Minaur. A future champ. In other news I think we rename The Margaret Court Arena the.....Tina Arena.
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  5. The champion would be contractually obliged to say "I never thought this would happen to me...never thought this is where I'd be" in their victory speech.

    In other news, Angie is BACK.
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  6. Love it.
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  7. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    The good thing about Angie's bad year is she never lost her fitness, it was her game that abandoned her, so now that she's finding it again, she can pick up where she left off. Good to see, she seems like a genuine person.
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  8. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    I like Wozniacki draw. Watching tiny bits of the kids day because Woz, Novak, and Milos.

    I don't particularly like Kerber but it is nice to see her start off well after what was such a hard year for her.
  9. I'm over the whole Bernard Tomic thing at this point. How did he make $10 million last year anyway? Don't the best sponsorship deals tend to go to the best players? I'd understand if it was an Anna Kournikova situation, but a ball thrown on Bondi Beach would hit 50 better looking men before it touched the sand.
  10. Literally who is giving Tomic sponsorship money at this point? What possible return could you get from sponsoring him?!
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  11. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    Maybe a tequila and condom brand?!

    Anyway, we're about to get rolling! Off we go!
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  12. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    I thought Bencic was going to get the win. Tough draw for Venus.
  13. I knew when I saw the draw Vee would lose. God Bencic played so good.

    This is my worst day ever.
  14. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    American’s struggle with Coco and Sloane our too. Glad Coco is out but Sloane needs to start getting some wins!
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  15. Coco AND Isner sent packing on the first day. This is glorious.

    I think if I were Venus, one of only two players to make the round of 16 or better at every slam in 2017, I'd be spitting blood at that draw. Still, well done to Bencic.
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  16. I only just noticed that neither Vinci nor Errani qualified for the main draw (Vinci losing in the first round of qualifying and Errani losing in the third).

    That makes it Vinci's first absence from a Slam main draw since Wimbledon 2008 (ending a streak of 37 consecutive main draw appearances), and Errani's first loss before a Slam main draw since the 2007 French Open (she didn't compete at Wimbledon in 2007 or at the US Open last year, but has a streak of 40 main draw appearances between those two absences).
  17. Vinci is retiring in Rome I think?
  18. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    It's hard to win a match when your opponent is moving you side to side and you're not moving your feet, and that's what Bencic did to Venus. Let's just hope Belinda keeps up the momentum and makes a real run, because that section of the draw is as open as they come now.

    For Sloane, it was mental. She might not be at peak physical fitness, but she won that first set with conviction, and she served for the match. The Sloane at the US Open, with nothing to lose, would have closed it out. This anxious version, hitting softballs up the middle of the court, stands no chance.

    I'm surprised on a forum full of Brits, no one's mentioned your boy Edmund! Good win over Anderson, and he's opened up his own draw now.

    Dimitrov and Kyrgios both looked good. It's important for Nick not to exert too much energy in the early rounds, so he's fresh if he makes it to the second week.

    Rafa's gone full '80s Miami now with his short shorts and sleeveless shirt.
  19. Really impressive win. Well done, Kyle! I hope he can keep this form up for the next round.

    I'd quite like this to become the standard for male tennis players.
  20. I've written about this before, but the trend for first time slam winners at their next one really fascinates me.

    1990s - none lost in the first or second round, with only Conchita Martinez going out in the third.

    2000s - no first or second round exits with a few third round ones (Myskina, Ivanovic and - perhaps surprisingly - Sharapova)

    2010s - Five first round exits, two second rounds, plus two near-instant retirements - leaving only two halfway credible performances (Azarenka and Ostapenko). That's quite the shift.
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