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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by backstreetjoe, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. Surely she won't last seven matches without an injury?
  2. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    If Madison takes out Kerber, Halep, and Svitolina or Woz to win her first slam that would be a huge 'level up' moment for her, considering how much trouble she's had with defense-first players throughout her career.
  3. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    I thought Svitolina might let the pressure get to her with only one quarter final apperance but I thought it would happen in the semi-final.

    I don't think Madison could make it past three defensive players but I could see her maybe getting passed Kerber than having to play Pliskova to reach the final.

    Also thought Osaka is the perfect person to play after a really long match.

    Finding out the remaining male US player follows the alt-right...
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  4. Take a Bow Kyle Edmund ....
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  5. Amazing stuff, Kyle! So thrilled for him. Hope he can capitalise on his improved ranking through the year. For someone who used to struggle with the five-set format, he’s really proved himself as a master of playing the long game now.

    As for Sandgren: I see he’s deleted a bunch of his early tweets. I’ve seen some of his retweets and replies on the trans bathroom bill and Pizzagate, and yikes.
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  6. Brilliant result for Kyle. It's good to have a clear sign that British tennis isn't on its way back to the bins, because Jo is inconsistent and who knows how long Andy has left.

    Not surprised about Svitolina. I guess that place in the final is Caroline's to lose.
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  7. I really hope Jo isn't heading for the kind of year that Kerber had last year. At the moment the priority has to be learning to master clay. I'm not saying she has to win the French Open all of a sudden, but it's terrible for a top ten player to have such consistently poor results on a surface.

    More on the Sandgren Twitter story:

  8. It's kind of hilarious that either he or his management decided that his Q4 Taylor Swift promo was too problematic to stay on there.
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  9. I've just checked and he's now deleted everything apart from one retweet of an article about him from

    Meanwhile, he and Tommy Robinson still follow each other on Twitter.
  10. What an idiot. One click on that retweet directs you to the latest posts from that account which is currently dragging him for being racist trash.
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  11. He


    I hope the scrutiny continues.
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  12. Today 3/3 upsets. Let's go Carla make it 4.
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  13. Before the tournament, it wasn't hard to predict that Novak and Rafa wouldn't be at the required level of fitness to make it to the finish line. As if Federer isn't winning yet again.
  14. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    That should have just been straight sets win but I’m glad Woz is through.
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  15. It's becoming a bit of a habit that I lose interest in the women's event about now. Genuinely not invested in any of them winning. None of the potential final line ups interest me in the slightest. From a deserving viewpoint I guess you have to hope Woz does it.
  16. I'm not sure why Wozniacki is any more deserving than anyone else, but ultimately it's about how well you use your opportunities.

    She has one of the best chances of her career now. She won her only previous meeting with Mertens and holds a winning record against three of the four players she could meet in the final. Even against the lone exception (Angie) her record is 5-8, hardly one sided. On paper, it's doable. But that second set wobble against Suarez Navarro, when she could and should have wrapped it up a lot sooner, gives me pause.
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  17. I guess I mean I admire her work ethic and mentality which for me personally makes her more deserving than, let's say, Halep for example.
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  18. Oh I see, that does make sense. It's the mentality I'm questioning after that match, though.

    For evidence of what head-to-head records, apparently 'easy' draws etc actually mean on the day, just look at Jelena Jankovic and specifically her Roland Garros semi final in 2010. All the former champions had fallen like dominoes along the way, and her biggest remaining threat Elena Dementieva retired injured from the other semi. Jelena held, and indeed still holds, a winning head-to-head against both players (Stosur and Schiavone) standing between her and the title. This was her moment. And not only did she completely go to pieces against Sam, but her career never really recovered.
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  19. Disgraceful from Svitolina. That refers to the passivity on court, the shocking mental display on a big stage, and most importantly to the highly disrespectful and downright lame presser she gave. Did she seem particularly injured over the last fortnight? Not at all. She could've been though, but even if she was to go on and on about it and practically chalk up your loss entirely to that reason is ridiculous. Particularly when she was clearly a mental mess on court, and was during her last big slam match too (Halep at RG). Not to mention if she was injured she should've stepped up to the baseline and tried hitting out more and less retrieving. Should've done that anyway in fact. Glad she went out now.

    If you're talking about a deserving point of view, Woz deserves it the absolute least out of the contenders left. Her draw has been a total joke, and she may well go up against an opponent well worn down by quality opposition, while she's had a draw unworthy of a Wuhan title. Nor has she even dominated the low level opposition she's faced along the way.
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  20. Isner defending Sandgren today by calling his critics “social justice warriors” is the idiotic right-wing moment tennis never asked for.

    As if there needed to be any more reasons not to like Isner.
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