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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by backstreetjoe, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    Sending all my support to Wozniacki. She’s really going to have me up at 3:30 am.
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  2. Amazing final. I hope so happy for Caroline !!!
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  3. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    Wozniacki won! Very emotional right now. What a rollercoaster it’s been following her career. So happy for her.
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  4. I take it all back. That was some final. They both fought so hard.
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  5. Too many errors from Simona and there was evidence of her getting tight in certain moments, but she fought all the way. Gutted for her, but my belief that she'll win a slam is a lot stronger than it was after Roland Garros.

    Well done to Caroline.
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  6. Hmm.

    Congrats to Woz for hanging in there. She had an ideal draw, down to a worn down opponent in the final, and she finally managed to squeak a slam title. Many others would've lost motivation long ago so have to give her credit for that. Good for the game to have a number one player there who has earned it with big titles too. That's as nice as I can be. I think she backed off hugely in that third set to actually take the title, played the same tennis that lost her slam after slam, which makes me a little cynical about her future slam prospects. But one is more than I ever thought she would get.

    Halep now. The aggression she showed at times against Angie and Caroline shows real progression. I commend her for that. But she still desperately needs to work on slices and volleying. I also think she could've dug a little deeper mentally and physically late in that third set, which has often been the story of her career. Woz was camped out behind the baseline, hitting forehands with absolutely nothing on them and Halep gave her far too many backhands to hit. I just think she has to be at 100% in everything to have a shot at one of these titles. She can't rely on any one aspect of her game to make up for areas that may be lacking, and her game is just so physical. But that said, Woz clearly showed if you can keep your physicality up over the years, the draw can open up all the way to a slam title.

    I hate the way a dramatic lengthy three setter in a slam is automatically labelled high quality these days, so starved are we for top-tier tennis. The third set today was one hampered player playing some great tennis, but mentally and physically blocked from going all the way going up against a player scared to win it herself, retreating and retrieving, until she wore her opponent down. Neither could will themselves to the win, until one of them had to. I felt similarly about Nadal/Federer being labelled a classic last year just because it reached a final set and had some mild dramatic narrative attached to it.
  7. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    Woz did it her way.

    With her dad, with defense, with perseverance, with an improved serve, with perfectly timed mouth-watering backhands, and with all the baggage she's carried throughout her career. All the criticism and jokes at her expense. It's a well deserved achievement that cannot be taken away from her - she beat seven opponents over the course of two weeks like everyone else who's won a slam. It doesn't matter if she wins another, because she's checked off the box very few people believed she would. From now on, Caro is playing with house money. Good for her, and also her father, who's taken almost as much slack as his daughter through the years.

    For Simona, I've never believed more in her ability not just to win a slam in her career, but two or three or four of these things. She's playing a more aggressive brand of tennis, and with her speed, it's a lot of fun to watch. Each of her slam finals have been memorable matches, and while she's been on the losing end so far, Andy Murray lost his first four, which is far down the list of things people recite about Andy Murray these days. A big part of me would have liked to see her cement her Number 1 ranking by being crowned a slam champion, but honestly, Simona will be fine. She really will.

    The quality of the match was up and down, but the drama was there from first ball to last. I don't think Woz ever reached the level of play she displayed in the first set tiebreak again, but she did have some brilliantly vintage defensive moments that set her up for success in the third. Simona played really well when she was down, almost to a humorous point when she just started blasting these power-player-esque winners. Darren Cahill should show her the tape, and ask her to do it when she's at full strength.

    All in all, I thought it was a great match and definitely had the highest stakes of a slam match without Serena in a long time.
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  8. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    On the match itself Wozniacki played that first set spectacular at the start and at the tie-break. She let up on the second set and Halep was just firing away. If she would have kept up going for her shots and ignored Halep's injury I think she could have taken it two. She certainly had enough break points. The third set while it had dips in quality was just so dramatic. I honestly can't remember the last match that quite this dramatic. You could tell how much both players wanted it and that they knew what was riding on the match. The point of the match for me is the one right before match point. A huge shot from Woz on defense was just incredible.

    Halep really impressed me from this tournament will be rooting for her at the French. The mentality has changed so much for her from where is was a year ago.

    I'm hoping for Wozniacki this allows her to play more freely at other events. You could just feel the tension particularity in the last two sets that she was placing and now to not have to deal with grand slam question. Getting back to number one after the slam wins is so sweet.

    On a personal note though I touched on it right after she won I'm so happy for her. The hard work, determination, and improvements that she worked on throughout her career has just been incredible to watch. Starting playing tennis in 06 in high school and having developed a passion for the sport and then to watch her become my favorite in 08 because we played very similarly. All the ups and downs in the career from first US Open final, to that Oz semi final match, the declines in 2013, 2014 resurgences, 2015/16 injuries where it really looked like it might be the end, to the incredible last year she had! So deserving.
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  9. After the last three, it was nice to see a men's final that wasn't just a procession, but Roger raised his game when he really needed to.

    It was hard not to notice that he was a lot more emotional than usual at the presentation, that he didn't seem to know where to end it and - most crucially - what he didn't say. We'll see soon enough but my instincts are telling me that wasn't merely a victory speech. It was goodbye.
  10. Something's telling me he's just waiting for his last no. 1 or 100th ATP title but who knows!
  11. God, looking at Petra's level this last week (against a tricky enough draw for a small tournament) makes a good point for an indoor slam.

    Mladenovic looked thoroughly exposed even after finally snapping her huge losing streak. She needs confidence for that BH wing to stand up to any sort of scrutiny at all, and I think she'll find it really hard to build her game and mentality back up after the last 7 or so months she's had. Very like Bouchard in that regard, though I do think Mlad's game is superior to the Canuck's.
  12. Mladenovic really needed to stop the rot; she's got almost all the points she won last season to defend across Acapulco, Indian Wells, Stuttgart, Madrid and the French Open. A poor performance could see her ranking fall off a cliff by the summer.
  13. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    Maria losing to Niculescu is not good. Things are not going great for the Ice Queen, we have to admit.
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  14. Her mental game is fucked due to a combination of the pressure she's been facing, (particularly during the clay swing, and probably also getting more of a taste for life outside of tennis. I also think physically she might be permanently below par. She's been bunting that backhand instead of accelerating through the swing for ages now. Either the wrist or the leg likely the cause.

    No backhand and no drive to compete make for a very weakened Ice Queen unfortunately. The game could do with her right now.

    Same with Rena, but she still looked hella unfit in that FedCup doubles match.
  15. It's worth remembering that Serena had a c-section. It's crazy that she's anywhere near fit for competitive tennis. I hope she doesn't rush and only comes back when she's really ready.
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  16. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    I really do hope Maria can bring it back and have at least 1 good full season before she retires.
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  17. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    It's not really 'Same with Rena' when Serena had major abdominal surgery to give birth and another blood clot, which requires major medical intervention. Serena also has nothing to prove to anyone but herself, if she wants.

    Maria had almost eighteen months off to train, refocus, and work on her game. And she wants a couple more big titles to prove everyone wrong.
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  18. I'd have thought it was fairly obvious "Same with Rena" referred to the fact that the game could use her right now. The reason that she's not around is obviously totally different, but I was just saying the game could do with its two superstars back on form.
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  19. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    I'm just trying to start an argument!
  20. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    Great quarterfinal matches in Doha!
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