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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by backstreetjoe, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. I wonder what it is that makes us root for the players we do.
    I find Danielle, Wozniacki, Sharapova, Ostapenko all really unlikeable and nearly always find myself cheering for the opposing player. Maybe it's because I'm British and have a bit of a distaste for such obvious arrogance.
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  2. I feel like that's pretty much Sloane's game nowadays?
  3. Someboy

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    Which is so annoying, because Sloane has the athleticism and firepower to bulldoze her way through any draw, but she chooses to play safely. Sometimes, I think tennis is too easy for her. I knew Pavs was her last dangerous match, because she would have risen to the occasion for each of the next three, and I would have loved to watch a Petra vs. Sloane semifinal.

    I have to say I find these 'changing of the guard' comments in the tennis sphere after Tsitsipas' win over Fed quite laughable when even if he gets through Bautista Agut (who, let's give a round of applause for making it through his draw of death so far), will likely find Nadal and Djokovic waiting. A lot of brakes are going to be slammed when Nadal triple bagels him.

    It's also weirdly dismissive a 37 year old who won a slam and became Number 1 in the world again last year, and we know I'm not saying that as a Fed fanatic.
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  4. I think the ATP, WTA and grand slams are just trying to create a buzz about new players because they know that once Federer, Nadal and the Williams are done, they don't have many other 'stars' of tennis left.

    It's weird because you hear a lot of talk about so and so being the new Nadal or Serena, but I don't think I ever remember any talk about players being the new Graf, etc.
  5. Yeah, I'm all for championing new talent, and frequently post in this thread talking about that topic, but some of the commentary and pundit discussions have been so weird and actually rude towards the old guard in favour of the up and comers. Kvitova was pretty much talked out of the match against Anisimova until it become clear that their match was a glorified practice session for Petra, and Sharapova was absolutely taken apart by Anabel Croft and Simon Reid last night in favour of Barty (I know there are additional factors at play there).
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    I remember the same thing happened to Petra before her 2014 Wimbledon final, and we have to acknowledge it comes from the implicit Western tennis perspective of wanting a young, pretty blonde girl to pick up the women's mantle.
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  7. Being a top 20 fixture without ever making a slam quarter final was starting to look bad for Barty. She needed this, as did the Melbourne crowd, given that the country's only female Slam winner of the last three decades has consistently underachieved there. Not to mention the string of disappointments on the men's side.

    So I suppose I can understand the hype around her.
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  8. I see what you're saying, but I'd also say that Petra IS pretty and blonde.

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  9. Petra's comparatively poor English (when you look at the likes of Sharapova, Kournikova) and her shyness put her in a different league to the likes of Bouchard and Anisimova as Maria and Anna's heir apparent. Being American/Americanised or even possibly British (I think Robson could be making big bucks right now if she'd been able to stick around) is important from a marketing perspective.
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    Exactly. Petra is a beautiful girl, that photo you posted @Sick Sad World doesn't do her justice as her recent Elle Czech shoot does, but she's shied away from the Western media and I think purposefully kept her English to the level it is to avoid a level of fame she doesn't want.
  11. A silly thing to mention, but I kinda hate the ladies Nike outfits this year.
    The cropped/high-neck/long sleeve combo that looks like a cycling jersey just looks super uncomfortable. Not really feeling the Serena-tard either.
  12. What a match from Serena and Simona. It's a shame this is only the fourth round.

    I think we're looking at a Serena/Petra final, but I can't discount Naomi either.
  13. It's interesting that the maths for #1, coupled with the way the draw has turned out, mean that Simona will retain #1 if, and only if, the following happens:
    • Barty beats Kvitova, Serena beats Pliskova and Svitolina beats Osaka in the quarterfinals. (The result of Pavlyuchenkova-Collins doesn't matter for the race to #1, of course.)
    • Serena beats Svitolina in the semifinal.
    Any other result means that Simona loses the #1 ranking. It was bad luck for her getting Serena so early in the tournament.
  14. A Serena/Naomi semi is going to be a circus.
  15. This is why I'm so torn. Naomi would be the first player in 13 years to follow up her maiden slam win with a semi final appearance, and I'd love to see that happen. But I can't face having that subject dredged up YET AGAIN.

    (Not discounting the possibility that Pliskova could take out Serena, of course.)
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  16. If it does happen, I'll be torn. I love LOVE Naomi and I'd love nothing more for her to prove that she can win on a big stage without all the dramatics. I also want Serena to just hurry up and get that record so people can stop piling so much pressure on her to do so.

    I guess there's two more matches to come before that though.
    If Pliskobot shows up, it'll be tough for Serena and Svitolina has won the last two matches against Naomi.

    I'm not really that excited about the other half of the draw. I'm assuming Kvitova will make it to the final now.
  17. The fact that Svitolina and Monfils have a couple's Instagram account though...
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  18. The Eurosport commentators are kind of annoying to listen to. Really glad there are the other channels on Amazon where the you can watch the same match, but without the commentary.

    I was watching the Tsitsipas match last night. I do really like him and think has a chance of winning (when the rest of the big 4 retire!), but the commentators were soooo biased towards him it was off-putting. It was like they were willing the other guy to make mistakes and lose.

    I also wish Jim Courier would do ALL the post-match interviews from now on. Sam Smith is so awkward... all she asks about is if they've been out to see Melbourne - her interview with Naomi Osaka was cringe, her response to Sam mentioning there's a few great Japanese restaurants was great 'uhhh, ok? *shrug*'.
  19. She did it! Naomi is into the semis.
    Elina had a problem with her neck again, so I think Naomi had a pretty easy time of it.

    So Serena lost after being up 5-1 in the final set and had multiple match points. She seemed to roll her ankle and lost the match from then. That's going to sting Serena I think.

    I have to say I'm relieved - we've been saved from the frenzy that would've been a Naomi/Serena semi-final. Though, I do think Naomi would've fared better against Serena compared to Pliskova. Even though she's managed to get through to the semis, Naomi has made way too many unforced errors in this tournament. She will need to focus if she wants to beat Pliskobot.
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    I mean:
    who on earth thought that the picture on the right was going to remind anyone of Naomi?
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