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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by backstreetjoe, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. Blowing a 5-1 lead and multiple match points isn't very Serena-like, is it? Did the ankle roll affect her that much? Was the prospect of a semi-final against Naomi and the accompanying media circus weighing on her mind?
  2. And the final is...

    Naomi Osaka vs Petra Kvitova

    Shaky start for Petra against Danielle Collins, but then she bulldozed her way through the second set.
    Very impressive.

    Pliskobot played really well, but Naomi was amazing. She cut the unforced errors right down and reached an amazing total of 56 winners. Also very impressive.

    The final is shaping up to be a tasty match.
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  3. The final should be amazing. Petra has run mercilessly through the draw, and Naomi has backed up her US Open win in spectacular fashion whatever Saturday's result. Well done to them both.
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  4. When was the last time someone backed up a maiden Slam win with a final two appearance at the very next Slam? It feels like it’s been decades.
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  5. Jennifer Capriati, 2001. She won Australian Open and then won the French.
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  6. Venus did it right before her, winning Wimbledon and the US Open in 2000. As far as I know, they're the only two players ever to win their first two slams back-to-back.
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  7. Whoever wins has a great story.

    Petra doing so well to recover after what happened a few years ago and then backing up all the wins she's had in the smaller tournaments. Naomi having a chance to 'have her moment' after it was taken away from her at the US Open.

    The match itself will be fun. Winners galore I imagine and lots of tense, hard hitting rallies.

    I think a lot of people will be happy either way. They're probably two of the nicest players on the tour.

    A nice bonus that whoever wins will also end up being No 1 also!
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  8. What is HAPPENING?
  9. I hope Naomi pulls herself together for this third set. From 5-3 40-0 to 5-7... ouch.
  10. Much as I wanted Petra to win, I'm so pleased Naomi found her way there after stumbling so close to the finish in that second set. It's that kind of tenacity that's going to win her a ton of these.

    I hope Petra can keep up the level she displayed in getting to the final throughout this season.
  11. Wow. I'm worn out. I was stressed the whole time.
    Naomi did so well to pull herself together in that last set. A true champion!

    First Asian player (man or woman) to achieve such a feat. Woop!
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  12. What a triumph of a slam for the women.
  13. Quite nerdy, but it's really satisfying to see another green W on Naomi's wiki page.
    I hope there will be many more to come. Can't wait to see how she does at the French Open.
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  14. Djokovic won the mens final against Nadal. A shame for Rafa... I'm sure he'll dominate Rolland Garros.

    Novak and Naomi are the first male and female to win the same grand slams back to back since Pete Sampras and Steffi Graf did it when they won Wimbledon and the US Open in 1995. Pete and Steffi also did it in 1993. Surprises me that Roger and Serena never did this.

    I think this Australian Open has been the most exciting grand slam in some time, especially on the womens side.
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  15. I'd like to see Novak beat Rafa at RG now. On this form I think he can but I think he'll find the RG crowds less neutral than the Aussies. He doesn't always handle that terribly well.
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  16. God I dislike men's tennis when it's Djokovic dominating. All credit to him for rebuilding his career etc. but I just find his brand of tennis so uninspiring and boring to watch. Hopefully Tsitsipas, Zverev, Shapo etc. can all really take steps forward this season, but I see Novak having a very successful season, probably Rafa too at this point.
  17. Zverev being the world #3 despite having made a grand total of one Slam quarterfinal in his life says so much about the state of men’s singles right now.
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  18. I find Zverev really unlikeable. I'm hoping Tsitsipas kicks his butt a few times this year.
  19. Watching the younger generation get hyped to the heavens and then consistently fail to lay a glove on Novak and Rafa is definitely starting to grate.
  20. Congrats to Novak! It is just incredible what he has achieved since last year and I want to see him dominate through all of 2019. Even if it’s just for the fact that most people are not rooting for him. He is the most underrated player ever and for that alone I am on his side.
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