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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by backstreetjoe, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. She had a few choice words with Cornet after losing to her in Beijing the season before last, as well.
  2. I've seen her give a few bad shakes. Not great but I wouldn't usually rag on someone too hard for that. But telling someone, let alone an 18 year old that they're a drama queen, pretty much unprompted is a definite low point from her. I think she seems kind of burned out again this year generally, and this frustration ties in with that. To be honest I wouldn't be hugely shocked if she retired this year if it was a mediocre one.

    Edit: Eeek at Kyrgios dragging Angie on Twitter now after her damage control post trying to suck up to Andreescu.
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  3. Nick saying what we all think...
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  4. Vondrousova very quietly making a name for herself The next big breakthrough maybe? Sloane has lost her way again.
  5. It's almost admirable how committed Sloane is to consistently not putting the work in, not getting matchplay and not sorting a proper team out, when she could so easily be dominating the tour. Heading into her late twenties and still so immature, as evidenced by her rush to visibly not give a damn as soon as her laziness is getting exposed on the court.

    Gosh, we really have quite the race to the bottom on the women's side at the moment; Muguruza, Stephens, Ostapenko, Kasatkina all truly dire lately. We are truly spoiled.
  6. I'm not sure if Ostapenko's Roland Garros win might have been too much too soon after all. She was awful in her only big final since then (last year in Miami) and apart from two strong performances at Wimbledon she has underperformed at the slams too.

    Not surprised that Andreescu had to retire today; she must be knackered. I'm going to say Petra takes the title.
  7. To be fair, she looked awful in that final due to the fact that she played someone who matches up really well against her, on a court tailor-made for Sloane. Then I think she had a wrist issue from the US right up to the very start of the season, which didn't help. But no doubt she raise a huge amount of questions at Roland Garros. I think her issue is her mother being on the scene, blocking any changes to her awful serve and any other coaching changes she could do with.

    I actually think of the girls I listed I'd say Garbine and Daria's careers are in worse shape. Garbine in particular increasingly looks like she's been left behind by the game with her weird lightweight un-athletic grinding.
  8. Someboy

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    Garbiñe is 25, she can't be left behind. She needs a total reset, and why she keeps Sumyk around is a mystery for the ages.

    Sloane is the most frustrating player on either tour. I just... can't.

    However, both tours are kind of a mess right now. We call out these girls, but Zverev hasn't even made a slam semi yet, Thiem wins Indian Wells and then flops in Miami, Tsitsipas flops in Indian Wells. Let's not even get started on the Lost Boys generation. How much longer is Agassi going to stick around to watch another uninspiring Dimitrov performance? Ironically, Kyrgios seems to be having another moment. The flashiness and tackiness of Miami suits him.
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  9. We have a new hit on our hands

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  10. Why do I have to love this!?

    Legends haha.
  11. I really like this Felix Auger-Aliassime guy. He's like an interesting version of Djoker.
  12. We're about to hit 2020 without a single male Grand Slam winner born post-1990. Only two have managed to reach a (single) final and both were swatted aside like flies when they got there. Even allowing for the big four's unprecedented dominance, that's a terrible look for the men's game.
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  13. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    It's nice to know my curse is alive and well. Apologies to Nick.
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    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    No need to apologies!

    What is going on with Novak?
  15. God I despise Barty's game.
  16. Kiki and Sascha! Interesting coaching move there.
  17. Madrid has been kinda fun so far... seeds are dominating for a change.
    Simona won easy today, 60 60.
    Naomi, Petra, Kiki and Belinda all eased through. Sloane seems to be doing OK too, just about.

    Interesting matches ahead tomorrow:
    Naomi vs Belinda
    Petra vs Kiki
    Simona vs Ash
    Sloane vs the other Petra

    I'm sensing a Simona/Petra final - if they can both maintain their level.

    In other news, I bought tickets to the Birmingham Nature Valley Classic.
    I'll be there for the 1st round matches, quarter finals and got front row seats for the final.
    Naomi, Petra, Madison, Jelena, Garbine, Elina, Su-wei, Bianca - great line up. Really hope I get to see Naomi and Petra play.
  18. Poor Kuzmova winning a grand total of 12 points against Halep today, only six of which were on her own serve. That really has to hurt.
  19. Simona looks a major threat on clay, once again.

    Glad David Ferrer managed a couple of match wins before bowing out at his farewell tournament. The first of the "almost but not quite" generation to exit the field.
  20. Me tuning in to watch Edmund vs. Verdasco in Rome, discovering that Borna and Felix are playing at the same time, and trying not to let my thirst for Borna and Felix overcome my general support for Kyle Edmund:

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