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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by backstreetjoe, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. Felix is my new favourite ATP player. Borna is my prettiest ATP player.

    So pleased Kiki won Madrid. Love seeing her smile her cute smile.
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  2. Unsurprisingly, Felix vs. Borna was a better match than Kyle vs. Fernando.

    Does Verdasco have to have a big row with the umpire in every match?!
  3. Did I mention that I'm going to Wimbledon this year for the first time? Excited doesn't begin to cover it.
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  4. So Serena pulled out of Rome help out Venus to get to the third round.
    Weird after Serena was talking about feeling great physically and about being on tour again.

    Serena, Venus, Woz, Rafa, Maria - all those guys from the same era, still playing and can barely make it through a few matches without causing themselves some kind of damage. I'm assuming they're all hobbling along so they can make it to Tokyo 2020 (and Serena to her 24th), but I kinda feel it's time for them to let tennis go.
  5. One of these is not like the rest...
  6. He's great for the game, and I have to appreciate any player under 28 or so for stirring any emotions in me, but Kygrios is such a loser.

    Ben Rothenberg has gone even further down in my estimations for his recent weird sucking up to Nick. Suppose I'll have to actually listen to the podcast interview he got with Nick though.
  7. I was watching Del Potro-Goffin, who were on the next court, and the amount of noise from the Ruud-Kyrgios crowd was ridiculous. (Not that I blame the crowd, but it was tough on Delpo and Goffin having to deal with random roaring in the middle of a serve.)

    Here's Novak arguing with Ben about the whole Players' Council situation:

    And the interview with Nick is here:

    Nick's dragging of Verdasco, Nadal and Djokovic is entertaining but I think he confuses "being fake" with "being polite"...

    Nick isn't wrong about Verdasco, though.
  8. Konta into a clay semi-final? Is the sky falling?

    Rafa's three opponents in Rome have taken six games off him between them. Get ready for yet another procession at Roland Garros!
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  9. Queen Venus on BBC1 against Kim Clijsters to celebrate reopening of Court One.
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  10. Great to see Venus and Kim enjoying playing against each other .
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  11. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    Venus versus Kim was a great match up; simple, pure athleticism on both sides of the court, playing the best version of the modern game. It's a shame they were so rarely playing at a high level at the same time, whether due to injury, Kim's first pregnancy, and then Venus' autoimmune disease.

    The tours are in quite different places, I'd say, as we head to Roland Garros. For the men, you have Thiem, Djokovic, and Nadal winning the last three tournaments, which couldn't be more obvious as they're clearly the favorites for the trophy in three weeks. Maybe Tsitsipas could have a dream run, but I don't think he could take out Rafa or Novak over best of five on clay. I would love to be surprised, but it's hard to imagine any final not being some combination of the obvious. Coric, for instance, definitely has the fitness down to go best-of-five for seven matches, but not the game style to take out one or two of the Big Three in a row.

    The women? Good Lord. Look, I know if you write down on paper, with Kvitova winning Stuttgart, Bertens taking Madrid, and Pliskova in Rome, it seems all is in order. But do we believe any three of them will win the Open? I've completely lost faith that Pliskova has a slam-winning mentality, I think Bertens can be effectively counter-punched against (say, a Sloane Stephens in top-slam form), and the conditions at Roland Garros will never be a friend to Kvitova. That being said, it would be a delight to see Petra win a slam outside of Wimbledon, her talent almost demands it.

    I actually think Halep is playing better than her results would have you believe, and it wouldn't be a surprise if she manages to win it again. Stephens, too, seems to be finding some sort of form, but I think so many of her results depend on a favorable draw, which allows her to play into form. I have no expectations for Serena. I'd like to see Osaka in the second week, if for nothing else to avoid the "Number 1 seed out!" choruses from WTA haters. You know who's slowly finding themselves again? Vika. I'm excited to see where she'll be once we get back on hard courts.

    TL,DR: The men are utterly predictable as they've been for far too long, and anything goes with the women.

    True, only one is a convicted doper.
  12. This seems weirdly and unnecessarily charged against a player that I obviously like, but errm OK... ("Convicted doper" is also kind of a harsh term for someone specifically stated as not being classifiable as an "intentional doper" by the Court of Arbitration of Sport)

    I was referring to the fact that Woz would definitely be seen as heading up the next tennis era, along with Petra, Aga and Vika (hence why I highlighted "same era" in the original post. Just because players coexist at the same time doesn't make them the same era. She's around four years younger than the youngest female player mentioned by @Sick Sad World (the "convicted doper" as you put it), 10 years younger than Venus (!) and rose to the top of the game years after all the other players mentioned had won multiple slams. Not to mention the reason she is having issues with competing and finishing matches isn't due to wear and tear because of age, again unlike the other players mentioned.

    Really a lot of people would argue that Maria getting lumped in with the Williams sisters' era isn't right either, but she sort of fits right between the Belgians, Venus and Serena, and then the likes of Petra, Caroline, Vika. Not to mention Sharapova's from sort of a forgotten, underperforming or injured group herself (Vaidisova, Golovin, Ivanovic etc).
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  13. I wonder how much of Pliskova's problem is having the spotlight on her. Look at 2017; she was many pundits' tip for the title in Melbourne, the bookies' favourite at Wimbledon and the top seed in New York. Yet in Paris, where she was hardly in the conversation despite being seeded second, she delivered her best result of the four.

    Which is to say that the expectation created by winning in Rome may not do her much good.
  14. Pliskova just doesn't have an extra gear. She plays at an even (robotic) keel at all times. That's a great thing year round on the tour, and a curse at the slams. Even in comeback wins, it's never a case of her gritting her teeth and playing for her life out there. She stays on the same intensity and her opponent knows they have to play at a high level on the day to beat her. And many of the girls are more than motivated to do that playing against a top 5 player on a show court at a slam.

    Her draw in Roland Garros 2017 was extremely soft (one top 30 player, Garcia playing at home in front of the French crowd, so her nerves were also standing across the day that day), it's no coincidence that was her one good slam run that year. Every other major she came across an opponent capable of playing inspired tennis on that surface (Lucic, Rybarikova on grass, Vandeweghe at home); inspired tennis being something Karolina doesn't really ever pull out.

    I'd argue it's less that Karolina doesn't like the spotlight, and more that when she does get the spotlight it motivates lower ranked girls to really produce their best tennis against her and try to prove themselves. It also puts her on the bigger show courts, which ties into my point. That said, no doubt her solid level has improved lately and she is less prone to the upsets. But I think she would need a relatively kind draw to ever win the big one, and I say that as someone who quite likes her, before I get replied to with some sort of petty shade again for offering a different opinion in this thread.
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    Oh dear, it was totally meant to be a joke, and I wanted to put a winking face afterward signaling so (because after all, I like Maria too), but I thought as a moderator I should stick to the no smileys rule.
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  16. Speaking of Maria, I notice she's dropped to 49 in the rankings and is set to fall further as her quarter final points from Roland Garros drop off. The longer this goes on, the harder it is to imagine her fighting her way back.
  17. Oh... Good one.

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  18. Vika vs Jelena in 1st round with the winner likely up against Naomi in the 2nd. Absolute scenes!
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  19. I wonder whether it might actually benefit Aljona to play a high profile name in round 1... A bigger court and more eyes on her, than if she was playing a total scrub. She'll at least like Vika's pace, and Vika isn't a clay court specialist. Also Vika's serve isn't in much better nick than Ostapenko's is.

    Tough for Naomi either way.
  20. God the women's draw is terribly boring.

    I can see Osaka losing to either Azarenka/an inspired Ostapenko in the second round, or to Sakkari in the third, with the latter being more likely. I really think Keys should be making the semi final in this section, but who knows with her. Serena has a really, really easy (and boring) draw if she's healthy.

    Halep should sleepwalk her way to the quarter final. Possibly Kontaveit awaiting her there. Kvitova has a soft enough draw on paper to make the QF but I don't really trust her in Paris. Hopefully we'll get to see an Anisimova - Sabalenka round 2 rematch, though neither are great on clay.

    Stephens should have an easy time making Quarter Final unless Muguruza randomly comes alive in Paris (which does tend to happen, but seems more unlikely this time for me). Svitolina staring down the barrel of a r1 defeat to Venus if she still isn't moving well. Venus won't mind crunching the puffball second serves and forehands from Elina. I'll take an upset in that one (one of the few intriguing early round clashes). Bencic/Vekic and Bertens/Konta would be great third rounds, but Bencic and Vekic have clay court specialists in their round 2s, and Konta has never won a round in Paris. Bertens' draw to meet Sloane is pretty handy, they really should be facing each other in an exciting quarter final.

    Really Pliskova should come through the (boring) final quarter. Underplayed Woz on red clay, still injured Goerges, Kerber on the red stuff. Probably the softest quarter in an all round meh draw. Woz and Julia usually have entertaining matches so hopefully they make it to each other.
    Edit: Didn't see Mladenovic there. Should make third round and play a match to see against Pliskova, but I really think Karolina should pull through that one.

    Pliskova or Bertens from bottom half, Simona from the top...

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