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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by backstreetjoe, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. Felix is my new favourite ATP player. Borna is my prettiest ATP player.

    So pleased Kiki won Madrid. Love seeing her smile her cute smile.
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  2. Unsurprisingly, Felix vs. Borna was a better match than Kyle vs. Fernando.

    Does Verdasco have to have a big row with the umpire in every match?!
  3. Did I mention that I'm going to Wimbledon this year for the first time? Excited doesn't begin to cover it.
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  4. So Serena pulled out of Rome help out Venus to get to the third round.
    Weird after Serena was talking about feeling great physically and about being on tour again.

    Serena, Venus, Woz, Rafa, Maria - all those guys from the same era, still playing and can barely make it through a few matches without causing themselves some kind of damage. I'm assuming they're all hobbling along so they can make it to Tokyo 2020 (and Serena to her 24th), but I kinda feel it's time for them to let tennis go.
  5. One of these is not like the rest...
  6. He's great for the game, and I have to appreciate any player under 28 or so for stirring any emotions in me, but Kygrios is such a loser.

    Ben Rothenberg has gone even further down in my estimations for his recent weird sucking up to Nick. Suppose I'll have to actually listen to the podcast interview he got with Nick though.
  7. I was watching Del Potro-Goffin, who were on the next court, and the amount of noise from the Ruud-Kyrgios crowd was ridiculous. (Not that I blame the crowd, but it was tough on Delpo and Goffin having to deal with random roaring in the middle of a serve.)

    Here's Novak arguing with Ben about the whole Players' Council situation:

    And the interview with Nick is here:

    Nick's dragging of Verdasco, Nadal and Djokovic is entertaining but I think he confuses "being fake" with "being polite"...

    Nick isn't wrong about Verdasco, though.
  8. Konta into a clay semi-final? Is the sky falling?

    Rafa's three opponents in Rome have taken six games off him between them. Get ready for yet another procession at Roland Garros!
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