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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by backstreetjoe, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. I just hope we get a good final after a pretty meh women's tournament once again.

    Simona has the physicality to make Serena have to work very hard which should at least guarantee some level of competitiveness. I do tend to think though that Simona is one of those girls (along with Vika) who can afford Serena a little too much respect at times, and this prevents her from taking it against her in instances where she really should. Example being their match in Melbourne. You see it in her comments post-match then where she sounds completely OK with losing to Serena. It's completely understandable in many ways of course but if you play Serena on the day and Serena as a name in the same match you're making life very tough for yourself.

    Also, let's hope Svitolina never makes a semi final or better at Wimbledon again. Her game looked beyond lightweight out there today. People are very gassed about Simona's performance, but Elina being so unsuited to big time matches on this surface played a huge part in today's result. Simona still hit many weak second serves and top spin forehands that Serena will feast on, despite having great stats on paper.

    Fingers crossed that Rafa and Roger will deliver us some level of quality at least tomorrow, and that Bautista Agut can try keep Novak out on court long enough for me to get home from work and see all/most of Fedal part a trillion.
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  2. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    I’m getting Aussie Open 2017 final vibes right now.
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  3. Roger's level in this third set is immense and ridiculous. These rallies are wild.
  4. What a battle in the fourth set by Nadal, saving 5 match points. Fed was just more composed than he was today. Should be a good match against Djokovic on Sunday.
  5. In that it's a good match that people are already overhyping as a great match??

    Roger was just far too good today. Constantly pushing Rafa back. Rafa hit through maybe one backhand down the line today? But Fed was just too good at returning and managing to stay aggressive in long rallies, so I don't really think there was much Rafa could've done to actually win today on this surface.

    Getting minor Wimbledon 2015 vibes here where Roger bottled lightning against Andy in the semi final and brought his best form a match too soon... Hopefully we'll get an actual great match on Sunday.
  6. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    Well, at the time of my posting, they were trading sets easily, and a fifth set seemed inevitable if the pattern held, but Roger really pushed himself and kept his foot on the pedal in the fourth.

    It's been a long time since Roger beat Novak at a slam, so the odds aren't necessarily in his favor, but who knows, maybe he'll red line and even Novak's peerless defense won't be enough.
  7. Yeah, the last time Roger beat Novak was in 2012 (at Wimbledon), and generally the odds are not in his favour. With that said, Novak had some really 'off' moments in his semi-final that Bautista Agut didn't really capitalise on, which might provide some hope (as long as Roger doesn't repeat his own form of that second set).

    Honestly, I'm still scarred by the 2010 & 2011 US Open semis. I remember for the 2010 match I couldn't watch the actual match, but kept looking at the live scores, and when I saw double(?) match point I went to bed, presuming Federer would finish it off.
  8. I'll be very sad if Novak wins. Snore.
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  9. Team Roger all the way. Would be amazing to see him win a slam one last time.

    Plus, the more I hear Novak talk about anything, the less I want to root for him.
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  10. That was a great start from Halep! I can feel the tide slowly turning in this second set, though.
  11. Simona is making me nervous... she could choke at any second.
    EDIT: I'll eat my words. Simona did it. Wow.

    You never know with Serena, but I guess playing someone like Simona exposes just how much more she needs to play in order to get match tough and win a match against someone like this.

    Ash Barty wins Roland Garros. Simona Halep wins Wimbledon.
    The world is upside down.
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  12. Simona’s play was just amazing. She was just returning from everywhere and refusing to give Serena any free points at all. Three unforced errors in the whole match? Wow.
  13. I am speechless and cannot gather my thoughts.
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  14. That was a painful match to watch. Serena was dominated. Halep deserved it though, I've not seen a player as quick as that in a long time. She looked unbeatable.
  15. God that match just completely invalidated all my criticisms of Halep over the last few years. Total champion, utterly dominant and focused. Even when Serena (briefly) looked like she was gonna get her claws into the match Simona wasn't rattled at all; not easy.

    In many ways it was deja vu of last year's final whereby after a soft draw to the final Serena's limitations (movement and fitness) are exposed by the first elite play and athlete she meets. Her nerves affecting her serve so much was something though that I really didn't expect. At the start she was just rolling them in. Her return I thought was also off. Simona in that first set particularly served very within herself, didn't seem like she had to red line with her first serve at all.

    Serena must be hoping Maria can somehow scrape/bribe her way to the next grand slam final she's in at this rate.
  16. Drama in the men's doubles final. Mahut got walloped with a ball to the face, just above the eye and received lengthy treatment complaining of blurred vision. I'm slightly wincing each time the ball is volleyed towards him now, and he still seems quite shook himself.
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  17. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    You know, the parallels to last year's final are there, but I remember not being surprised Kerber won. This year, I'm almost shocked. I really feel for Serena, I thought her best chances this year would be the Australian and Wimbledon; the first one she got a total stroke of bad luck, but today she wasn't able to summon her best. I guess we're now to say, "On to New York!" but that tournament is cursed as far as Serena goes, part of me wishes she would skip it.
  18. I'm not shocked that Serena didn't win. I'm shocked that Simona was able to maintain her level of play for the whole match. It's the best I've ever seen her play. So used to her flaking and choking when in seemingly unbeatable positions.

    I think Wimbledon offers Serena the best chance of winning another slam. There are so few WTA players that can play well on grass so the draw always ends up a little sketchy like it did this year and last.

    I can't see her coming close at USO, AO or RG again. Can't wait to be proved wrong though.
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  19. Woah, the men's doubles final is still going on? The last time I checked in was halfway through the second set, but that feels like hours ago! They must be exhausted.
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  20. So the question now is how to rank the two slammers (for now):
    - Halep
    - Vika
    - Kvitova
    - Muguruza

    Osaka is a totally different generation, so she's a little less relevant to this conversation, same for Kuznetsova.

    I'd probably go:
    - Petra (highest peak, could beat all the above players in a "best v best" matchup)
    - Simona (hardest worker but probably least innately talented and also benefits from the decline of Serena and Maria)
    - Vika (increasingly possible that she will be looked at as someone who could only produce great tennis for 2 seasons for various reasons, and even at that 2013 felt like a step down from 2012 at the time)
    - Muguruza (one of the more bizarre career trajectories we've seen in recent tennis history)
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