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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by backstreetjoe, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. They need to take the women end of seasons champs back to Madison Square Garden or even better the o2 like the men's tour! I'm not liking Azarenka's black shoes!
  2. yeah massive tennis fan here, esp WTA...Steffi Graf was my favourite...loved the way she moved...My favourite final was the French OPen final 99 Graf Vs Hingis. Hingis was behaving like such a spolit brat and i'm glad Steffi kicked her ass!!!!
  3. She's my all time favourite player too! So graceful. I loved her serve action. There'll never be another female player like her. I thought her rivalry with Navratilova in the 80s was the best ever. It used to really upset me when she lost.

    I don't follow tennis as much as I did. I'm not a fan of the Williams' sisters at all. I still enjoy watching Wimbledon though. Me and the old woman always watch the finals together!

    I'm a little obsessed with Andy Roddick. I love him!!!
  4. yeah the williams sisters are fantastic tennis players but i dont like their style at all...too agressive... i loved steffi because she could hit the ball so hard and still outwit her opponents. Her ability to read the game was amazing...awww...good ole steffi!!

    Not really into Men's tennis as much as it's all about whacking the ball as hard as you can....zzzzzzzz!! Altough my fave male player was happy that they got it on!!!!

    Excited to see Henin back next year!!
  5. All Hail JELENA DOKIC!
    I love this chick.
    One of my happiest moments was when I had my pic taken with her late last year before the Australia Open. Such a nice person too.
    My fave players are Jelena Dokic and Queen Serena Williams. Venus Williams is my third fave player.
    I prefer the WTA to the ATP. More fun, games are more exciting. But I admire Federer.
    I browse the Tennisforum too. Don't post, funny to read sometimes though.
    I am currently reading Serena's book. Anyone reading/read it?
    Not a fan of Henin. I'm cheering for Alicia Molik to do well in her comeback.
    I miss Martina Hingis too! Sad she won't come back.
  6. Yeah Jelena's run at the Aussie in January was great. It's a shame she hasn't really kicked on since then. She's going to be under a lot of pressure to defend those points and will drop out of the 100 if she loses early.

    Glad to see the love for Steffi - true class and such a legend.
  7. What a super thread! AMAZING!

    Tennis is the greatest sport in my opinion: psychological, combative, aesthetic and and unrivalled combination of sheer athleticism and incredible skill. Lots of sports have elements of each of these, but I LOVE tennis more than anything in the world. Obsessed. The infinite variety of techniques, personalities, surface preferences, etc., just making it so much more compelling, surprising and entertaining than any other sport. Plus their outfits are hot and the commentary is often HILARIOUS and nothing whatsoever to do with what's happening on court. Chris Bradnam and Sam Smith are amazing: outfit choices and what Jelena's mum bought yesterday make it so much more engaging than commentary based on 'backhand was nice' observations.

    I love Venus Williams more than anyone, mainly because I enjoy working out her thoughts and emotions behind her impassive exterior. She is a really interesting character and her backhand makes me cream my pants. (I thoroughly dislike Serena). My all time favourite male player was Guga - such a fantastic chap feat. the most hilarious drawn-out multi-octave grunting of all time. MOOOWEEAAAAAAHHHHH,

    Fernando Gonzales - spunk. James Blake - spunk. Alex Corretja off of several years ago - BEAUTIFUL SPUNK. He had the most incredible eyebrows and was just lovely.

    Sorry, but I hate Steffi Graf with a passion. Such a joyless robot.
  8. I met Monica Seles back in 1991 when I worked part-time in a clothes store when I was a student. She was in Bristol training. Terrible that she got stabbed a couple of years later......

    My favorite men's tennis player has to be Nenad Zimonjic he is gorgeous, as well as being an excellent player.
  9. Of the 'ic' nations, my most spunkable one is retro super geek rebel Janko Tipsarevic. HOTNESS.
  10. I'm glad Serena won the Year End Championships today. She performed the best when it mattered in the Slams.
  11. It was deserved.. next year I hope others deserve it. Should be one of the most exciting seasons in recent memory.
  12. so anyone heading to the o2 from Sunday for the ATP championship finals? I'm going Sunday, poorly child permitting?
  13. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    You can't say us Belgians don't know how to make a comeback!
  14. Kim and Justine really are the saviours of womens' tennis. I would love for them to meet in the final!
  15. just watched the Brisbane final - what an incredible match!
  16. It was!
    And Clijsters donated her winnings to a children's charity
    Nice gesture!
  17. Maria SHarapova and Maria Kirilenko opens the Australian Open in FIVE MINUTES.
  18. ^^and what a great match it was! I hope Kirilenko can be more than a one match wonder in this tournament.
  19. Well done to Elena Baltacha and Katie O'Brien for winning their first rounds. Intriguing round two match up between Henin and Dementieva.
  20. I'm looking forward to that outcome. I'm gutted I can't watch it live.
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