All the points about the Ostapenko match are extremely fair, but I think it's also worth mentioning the Melbourne 2018 final, where she arrived worn down by a string of epic matches against high-quality opposition, and still fought a pretty close match against an opponent whose path was only as difficult as she made it for herself.
So i don't think that performance is indicative of someone "deserving" another slam.

Yea, the match against Jelena was a shitfest and a half but also served as a catalyst towards the Simona we've come to see these days; of course ~accidents may occur but her self confidence has grown leaps and bounds since.

If anything the slam I feel she had most earned but lost was the 2018 AO against the eternally lucky Wozniacki. Instead of walking out the court with the Slam trophy Simona found herself in the hospital right after the final due to dehydration. I feel like that AO was the slam she worked for the most out of the five she ended up as a finalist thus far, the disappointment must have been terrible.
There was a fair bit of pre-tournament commentary suggesting that Nadal might not like the conditions in Paris this time of year, or that Thiem may have little left in the tank after his US Open win.

Unsurprisingly, both are cruising.


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I enjoy Caspers game a lot but not a good showing today.

An awful loss for Amanda but I’m not really worried long term for her yet.

One of the worst tennis things for me in 2020 is watching Zverev win matches while playing a very poor version of his game while his opponents just pick the absolute worst strategy and self destruct.
I'm happy to see Sascha manage to get through slam draws and pick up wins, but it is a bit worrying that he isn't managing to throw many matches in at all during this time where he plays good tennis from start to finish. You have to know how to get through matches not playing your best, sure, but his habit of crumbling and being passive when he gets to a winning position is what needs to be addressed now.

That said, I'm sure his team is highly aware of that after the US Open final, and its just the quick turnaround meant nothing could be changed in time for the dirt. But yeah, I'd really like to see him start playing matches maintaining aggression going forward. I think the pay-off is better from that tactic, even if he loses some of the newfound slam consistency he's gained.


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Welp. My hopes for Jelena pretty much died when I saw her scheduled up last on an outdoor court, and sure enough, a dismal performance puts an end to her resurgence.
I'm not sure how seriously I can take any post that suggests Carlos Ramos didn't do his job properly and act as a "good umpire" during the US Open final.
Ugh, really? After the countless examples of discretion we’ve seen from other umpires or Ramos himself in similar situations? I don’t know, I guess there are just some fundamental differences between tennis fans.
I think we've seen Ramos making similar harsh calls too though, and against guys. Regardless my opinion and mindset is "other times that those calls weren't made were examples of bad umpiring, and this is good umpiring in upholding the actual rules". Same with the foot fault in 09. We should just not have the rules if their enforcement becomes something we get mad about.
That Serena win at the 2007 Australian Open was one of my favourite moments ever in tennis. She hadn't won a title of any description in two years, and she was being publicly written off by the likes of Pat Cash and Tracy Austin, not just before the tournament but even after she won her semi-final. You could see the grit and determination on her face with every point; nothing was going to stop her that day.

Back to the current slam; disappointed for Ostapenko but also Sabalenka failing to have her breakout moment at a major yet again. Other than Rybakina, whose ascent only happened at the beginning of this year, she's the only top 20 player without a slam quarter-final on her CV.
This Muguruza-Collins match tonight is a proper thriller. Two big hitters going at it. Collins looked down and out in the second but she's playing so impressively again now I think she can take it. Garbiñe looks exhausted and she must know she should've had this wrapped up already.
It really, really bothers me that British Eurosport insist on putting Frew McMillan on commentating as many matches as they possibly can, even taking people off mid-match. His insight is terrible "Seems to me that Gauff's stronger side is the forehand rather than the backhand", and his tone is just actually dull. It also really annoys me that they will have two men commentating on a women's match, whereas you would never, ever have Annabel Croft and Jo Durie doing commentary for a men's match. Certainly not in the latter rounds.
Yeah that bothers me too. Whatever the channel it's two men commentating men's and usually man/woman commentating women's. Anyone should be able to commentate anyone and in a sport like tennis, making the gender balance 50/50 is the least they could be doing.
There isn't equality of coverage either. I turned on the TV after finishing work to see the end of one of Halep's matches, only to find a mens' match on ITV4, the same match on Eurosport 1 and a different mens' match on Eurosport 2. Honestly.
Bloody hell, if Halep and Bertens don't turn this around after Ostapenko and Muguruza lost yesterday....if you thought last year's QF lineup was a wasteland, you ain't seen nothing yet.