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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by backstreetjoe, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. Shocked to say the least!
  2. Oh Ashleigh...and this with the announcement that Melbourne's snap lockdown is not to be extended, meaning there will be a live crowd for the final.

    Hoping Tsitsipas can get the job done against Nadal, but I'm not betting on it.
  3. Wow, that was a phenomenal match! I was on the edge of my seat the entirety of the last 2 sets. Fantastic tennis, just brilliant! Such a shame there was no crowd to experience it.
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  4. It's kind of fascinating to me that for all the big three's astonishing achievements, the double Grand Slam (if that's what you call it?) remains out of reach. I think it would have to be a second Roland Garros title for Novak at this point, and after Rafa bulldozed him in last year's final having sailed through the tournament even in radically changed conditions, I wouldn't bet the house on that either.
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  5. Someboy

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    Definitely not. I was honestly a little surprised Novak made another French final, and as I said in this thread many times before it happened, I knew Rafa would win in straights. I’ve always wanted Novak to win another French title, because he seems too good of a clay player to only have one, but I think his age, style of play, and the younger guys coming on stronger now make it unlikely.

    The biggest signifier of a changing in the guard though will be when the Big 4 lose Wimbledon. They’ve had an iron-fisted grip on that tournament for nearly 20 years, and always seems to be the place that rejuvenates them.
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  6. If - for instance - Roger grabs one last win this summer and Novak wins it again next year, that will be twenty years of dominance by those four players.

    On top of that, there's no clear heir apparent emerging on grass yet. By the time of this year's tournament, there will only be three players under 30 who have reached even a quarter-final at Wimbledon, and I certainly don't see any of them winning it.
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  7. Congratulations Naomi

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  8. Not a super match, both weren't serving great... Naomi was just able to lift a little with her groundstrokes.
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    Someboy Staff Member

    Very much not here for Serena’s genuine, hand to heart wave to the crowd as she left the court. Oh, hell no girl, you’re not leaving me!
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  10. Oh man. Sad scenes.
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  11. Sadly, I suspect Serena has already made her decision. There really aren't words to describe what a loss she will be.

    I think Wimbledon is still her best chance to get her 24th. If you look at the other champions still in the game, Venus and Angie look finished while Petra, Garbiñe and Simona are still liable to go out in any round. Meanwhile, as with the men, the young guns are still to prove themselves on grass - Bianca and Iga have yet even to win a match there, while even Naomi hasn't gone beyond the third round. It's there that Serena's absence will be most strongly felt whenever she does call time on her career.
  12. Brady with a 3-1 lead in the decider... I don't think she can trouble Naomi, wake the hell up Kaja!
  13. I would assume this is the last year for the Williams sisters, I'll assume they'll do their swansong at this years US open with Wimbledon being the last chance for 24.

    I'm hoping they might play some doubles too. I'm not sure how Olympics qualification works but I'd be good to see them there together, or if not, wimby and US.

    She is capable of getting 24, but I don't see it happening with her game at the moment, she's never seemed underpowered, but today she really seemed underpowered.
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    Serena poetically sending love to the Melbourne crowd on Insta too, ending her post with “I love you. I love you. I love you. I adore you.”

    I’m not ok.
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  15. On her fifth match point Brady gets it. Muchova was too passive in the third although understandable after all the marathon matches she's had to pull through. The few times she went up to the net were glorious though and if she was match fit I think the outcome would have been different.
  16. Venus said "goodbye Australia, see you next year" on her Instagram.

    I think the last chance to win anything more of significance passed her by in 2017, but well done to her for following her own path and not allowing anyone but herself to dictate when it's time to go.
  17. Well here we are! Finals today!

    I must admit I'm kinda looking forward more to the Men's final tomorrow. Really hope Daniil takes it.
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  18. Naomi did it again. Both Naomi and Jenny were so obviously nervous... Naomi, like she did all tournament, managed to win the important points.

    Joins nice company in getting her 4th grand slam.

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  19. Not the worst final we've seen on the women's side, but certainly no classic - I feel like we hardly saw them both play well at the same time. All credit to Brady for managing to make a contest out of the second set though, it looked like Naomi was going to stroll through after she won the first one.

    Still, well done to a deserving winner. You can see from that acceptance speech how far she's come in terms of her confidence. Now, time to step up on grass and clay!
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  20. 4/4 in Slam finals now. The match itself was rather anti-climatic as Jennifer could have taken the first set as well but she blinked twice and out the window it went.

    Those rankings adjustments really can't come soon enough though. Ash, with her lone 2019 FO still being 1300 points ahead of Naomi, who owns two of the last played slams is just a farce.
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