I know we're all supposed to love Andy (and I do), but I kinda hate how Wimbledon becomes the Andy show until he crashes out like this. I feel like the tournament can get going now.
Rooting for Nick and Venus in mixed but not Nick in singles - unless he ends up playing Zverev in the fourth round, obviously. Hoping Felix can take them both out.

Should Kerber and Ostapenko lose today, there will not be a single woman left in the draw who has reached a Wimbledon semi-final. Truly feels like anybody's race.

I do understand the "Andy show" comments but I much prefer this to the days when British "hopes" rested on perennial nearly man Tim Henman and a raft of no-hopers who barely stuck around long enough to bother learning their names. While he's never winning this again, Andy has more than earned the right to all the attention.
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I know the consistency of WTA players, particularly in their recent grand slam results, can be extremely inconsistent but the future looks very bright with Coco and Raducanu! Fantastic performances by both today.
Brilliant performance from Emma today, that match point alone showed all the guts in the world and I think we are witnessing the arrival of a new star on the scene. She seems to have it all, from the game to the looks and beyond. Very curious how she'll do against Alja in the 16s.
No surprise at all that Kyrgios, who hasn't played since the Australian Open, didn't have the fitness to make the second week. Would potentially have been a bye to the quarter finals for Zverev if he'd somehow won today, so let's just say justice was done.

No idea if my instincts about Kerber retiring this year were right or not, but I'm hoping she either bows out on a high or manages to continue a decent run if she’s sticking around. She's achieved far too much to rattle around in irrelevance for years a la Schiavone or Stosur.
Given the mostly dire recent history of first time slam winners at Roland Garros when they roll up to Wimbledon, not to mention that this is her main draw debut (!) I think we have to give Krejcikova her due for making the second week.

Also that really is a crazy amount of big-ticket matches to fit in on Monday; makes sense that they're opening up middle Sunday from 2022.
Just catching up on the thread. Was lucky enough to be at Wimbledon on the opening day. The reduced capacity made it very easy to have a good view of the entrance to the practice courts and we saw pretty much every one up close and in relaxed mode.

I was a one man cheer squad for Danielle Collins on court six, which she seemed to appreciate.

If Katie Boulter can stay injury free she's definitely top 50. Emma is probably the better athlete and having seen her play before it's been clear for a while she's got star potential. Injuries and education have slowed her progress but in the long term it might not have been a bad thing.

Looking forward to manic Monday as always. Keep enjoying the tennis everyone.
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Sabalenka finally makes a slam quarter-final, and Pliskova finally completes the set with a Wimbledon quarter final.

It would be such a WTA moment if, the moment everyone stops looking at Karolina as a potential slam winner, she finally does it.
Kerber is on such brilliant form right now. It's been a while. Seeing her play consistently great tennis like this makes me think she's headed to the final.